What do they have on Kristi Noem?


Today, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) declined to certify legislation to protect girls’ sports after it was sent back to her by the state legislature which earlier in the day rejected her “style and form” revisions by a 67-2 vote. Her lack of action effectively ensures the bill will not become law.

In response, Terry Schilling, president of American Principles Project (APP), released the following statement condemning Noem’s decision:

“For over a week since she first announced her ‘style and form’ veto, Gov. Noem has been trying to present herself, against all evidence, as a champion for female athletes. She’s held a press conference and launched a website in an attempt to reposition herself as a leader in defending Title IX, despite never having spoken out on the issue before. And she’s repeatedly stated that she would support legislation to protect girls’ sports, as long as a few supposedly small tweaks were made.

“Of course, those tweaks weren’t small — they fundamentally subverted the entire bill. And when the state legislature rightly rejected Noem’s changes, 67-2, she was left with a final choice: back up her claim to be a defender of girl athletes by signing the bill or complete her capitulation to the woke NCAA and activist business interests by letting it die. Unfortunately, she chose the latter, making her the only Republican governor to date to refuse to sign legislation protecting girls’ sport when given the opportunity. So much for leading a coalition.

“There should now be no illusion as to the kind of leader Kristi Noem is. In this past week, voters in her state and nationwide have seen her surrender to the left, engage in political theater to distract from that surrender, and now refuse to change course despite being called out for it. This failure to stand up when it mattered most will define Noem for the rest of her career and will certainly haunt her should she decide to run for any office in the future. Conservatives will not forget it.”

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  1. DC McAllister was one to call bullpence on Kristi Noem a while ago. She has bright spots but was never really what we think of as “conservative”.

  2. I firmly believe in what Ann has been saying for quite some time; anyone, ANYONE who chooses to run for political office, especially higher positions, is by default morally unfit. We see this clearly now with Trump. As much as I wanted to remain hopeful about him…..I can’t. I don’t trust any of them…not one.

    1. I’m with you Kono. I voted in this last election but that was my last time. I want to completely de-register to vote but I know if I do that, the City of Philadelphia will keep me registered and use my registration to cover for illegal voters. This nation is run by unelected oligarchs like Bill and Melinda Gates. Trump had no problem firing good, qualified people but he kept that little bastard Anthony Fauci on the job who just happens to have connections to the Gates Foundation??? And Anthony Fauci is still on the job while the rest of the Trump administration was replaced??? It’s a freemasonic oligarch tyranny and the “democrats” and “republicans” are just political theatre to distract the people.

      1. True story: My sister, a 15 year resident of Delaware, died in 2014. Her husband, a lifelong resident of Delaware, died about a year later.

        My surviving sister lives in Montgomery County, PA. Last summer she received PA voter registrations for both my deceased sister, and her deceased husband. At an address neither of them ever lived or registered at, in a state one of them never lived in, and the other hadn’t lived in since ’99.

        The fraud in PA was so off-the-charts, even the most jaded of us are going to shocked when we learn the extent of it at the General Judgement.

  3. We have to get over this freemasonic ruse called “democracy.” A Catholic Monarchy is the only way. Death to freemasonry. Christ the King now and forever!

    1. A Catholic monarchy….no way that could ever fail. There’ve never been bad Catholics.

      As long as human beings run institutions, they ruin institutions.

  4. Noem probably has affairs and D.C. skullduggery in her past. By the time you get to Washington, you’re compromised and way past redemption.

      1. Now you’re just speculating upon speculations, to put it mildly. What is public knowledge is bad enough. No need to make stuff up. I believe our Blessed Lord had some curt words about this sort of behavior.

  5. Ugh. Don’t know if my last comment went through. So retyping…

    As a South Dakotan, this has always been Noem’s MO as a politician. I had gotten my hopes up a little this past year, but as soon as I read her reasoning for rejecting I knew she was returning to form.

  6. This one is interesting. Something about it feels off.

    Males in girls’ sports is of course stupid, gross, and destructive. And designed to humiliate normal, traditional people. But it’s also a classic social “wedge issue” like flag burning, more useful for its ability to distract and divide than to really matter in and of itself. Especially in South Dakota, where trans athletes are thin on the ground.

    So why would anyone involved choose this hill to die (or kill) on? If Noem is controlled by globalists, was really the issue worth outing their asset for? Alternativelly, if she’s an otherwise good South Dakota Republican, was this really the issue worth destroying their leader for? Neither scenario makes much sense. Everyone involved has bigger fish to fry.

    A few possibilities come to mind:

    First, maybe she’s being taken down for undermining the Covid narrative by showing that an anti-lockdown stance was successful. (Just like Cuomo is being taken down for undermining the Covid narrative by showing that his tight-lockdown stance was deadly.) The Covid narrative is the holiest of holies these days for the globalists. So they want to distract from Noem’s Covid successes with an unrelated scandal that turns the populist right against her. (Maybe she’s in on it, maybe some in the South Dakota GOP legislature are in on it, but regardless of who is doing it and how, it’s working.) (By the way, neither she nor DeSantis are *great* on Covid, they actually reinforce the “deadly pandemic” narrative, but they are as *good* as it gets on Covid among State Governors.)

    Second, maybe this is just politics. Based on her anti-lockdown successes, and her looks, and her gender, she had a shot at a Presidential nomination. Various forces may have wanted to prevent that. The globalists, sure, but also Democrats in general, the GOP establishment, or even GOP populist rivals. Or maybe the local South Dakota GOP resented her star quality and wanted to restore what they see as the rightful balance of power.

    Or, third, maybe this was her “taking the ticket.” Perhaps the globalist donors required for any successful Presidential run demanded that she prove her willingness to play ball. “This is a fringe issue, Kristi. Your supporters won’t like it, but it will blow over. But we need to know we can count on you. Show us. And if you do, we will back you all the way.” This did have a certain staged feel. Like she was fulfilling some initiation ritual.

    Or, fourth, maybe this was her own idea. Her first step onto a national stage. While her move won’t play well in Sioux Falls, that’s no longer relevant. She’s about to start dancing with the national media, and they require all political contenders to be free of “transphobia.”

    Anyway, she has indeed shown her true colors, it’s true. She’s a lying politician whose loyalties are ultimately to herself and to The System, not to the people or to God or to Truth.

    But I doubt that Kristi Noem’s bad week in the news has much to do with girls’ sports. If we think that’s the big issue here, we’ve probably been duped and distracted.

    1. This situation reminds me very much of Trump’s unwavering support of sodomitical privilege. What was behind his touting of the decriminalization of sodomy around the world?

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