Boom: Novus Ordo parish bans non-vaxxed from Confession

Well, that didn’t take long. Less than a week ago, I took heavy flack in the combox for writing this:

The sacraments are going to be denied to Novus Ordo Catholics who refuse to be “vaccinated.” It couldn’t be more clear.

And yet…

WAR: San Diego Bishop McElroy is coming for all those opposed to the deathvaxx

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When I first saw this, I questioned whether it was real.

Not only is it real, but apparently it was read out from every pulpit in the diocese last Sunday.

The sacraments are going to be denied to Novus Ordo Catholics who refuse to be “vaccinated.” It couldn’t be more clear.

14 thoughts on “Boom: Novus Ordo parish bans non-vaxxed from Confession”

  1. I hear you! I’ve been trying to tell people about all of this since April. No one believed me!! Since you have a forum perhaps you’d like to see this information if you haven’t already. In the leaflet from the manufacturers that is supposed to be given to the person getting the V, it lists the possible side effects. Death is not listed there. But in the manufacturer’s leaflet for the administrators, death is listed as a possible serious side effect. So much for informed consent! I reviewed the paperwork from all three manufacturers and they’re basically the same. You can find a copy of two manufacture leaflets at the bottom of this article. I printed them, highlighted them and carry them with me.


  2. That parish must have had some push back. The website now allows non vaxxed to receive Confession only in the sanctuary and face-to-face. Vaxxed can use the confessionals. So much for privacy.

  3. Again, where is our leadership, the shepherds of the flock? Does any person believe that Pope Benedict has heard the truth to this scam? The Lord wills. We are here in this time space for a reason.

    FromProphecy of Jeremias Chapter 23,
    [1]Woe to the pastors, that destroy and tear the sheep of my pasture, saith the Lord. [2] Therefore thus saith the Lord the God of Israel to the pastors that feed my people: You have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold I will visit upon you for the evil of your doings, saith the Lord. [3] And I will gather together the remnant of my flock, out of all the lands into which I have cast them out: and I will make them return to their own fields, and they shall increase and be multiplied. [4] And I will set up pastors over them, and they shall feed them: they shall fear no more, and they shall not be dismayed: and none shall be wanting of their number, saith the Lord. [5] Behold the days come, saith the Lord, and I will raise up to David a just branch: and a king shall reign, and shall be wise, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth.

    The rest of the prophesy in the link for you.

  4. Mark,

    You seem a savvy, creative man. Will you design a patch we can purchase to affix to our clothing indicating we reject the deathVaxx and the Cult of Covid? Something along the lines of the Sacred Heart of Jesus smashing a syringe filled with dearhVaxx. Or enlist a faithful Catholic artist to design. You have a wide audience that I’m sure would purchase. Ann B could promote as well.

  5. I would let the pastor and bishop know in no uncertain terms that they most certainly do not need another multimillion dollar lawsuit against the diocese after all the settlements that have been paid out for the sexual abuse scandals.

  6. In our diocese, which shall remain unnamed, the bishop has decreed that the Washing of the Feet can only be done on people who have been vaccinated. So, I guess that is a testament to the fact that masks do not work? As Father Ripperger notes in one of his videos, the state of the Church is beyond human redemption.

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