15 thoughts on “Earthquakes, asteroids, and now a volcano wakes up after 6000 years”

  1. Whatever happend to Our Lady’s Triumph that was to take place before the Second Coming? Also, She said the Pope would consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate & there would be a period of peace. There is also to be a terrible war between Russia & China & China will convert. Are all these predctions being cast aside now?

      1. Mark You’re side-stepping. We all know what she is attempting to say… she’s just missing a few parts. But we know her intent and hers is a valid question.

        1. And what I’m attempting to say is that we know not the time nor place. Be prepared. Extra oil for the lamp. Of course I believe that in the end, her Immaculate Heart will triumph. Is that what’s at question?

    1. Dear Ana Milan,

      Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry – St. Padre Pio
      The situation around the world and in the Church is very grave indeed but all is not lost.
      Have no fear, Christ has won His Great Victory and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart quickly approaches. “When conditions are at their very worst” (e.g. priests in hiding, no public Mass, persecution) then we can expect the direct intervention from on High. When they are “knocking” on the doors of St.Peter’s Basilica and all seems lost… This will mark the arrival of Her hour.
      We have received advanced warnings which are found in Sacred Scripture and Catholic Prophecy.
      On a positive note, God loves us so much that He sent His own Mother in order to warn us about these troubled times (e.g. Her messages at Quito, La Salette, Tre Fontane, Garabandal and Akita). Prophecy is unfolding on a daily basis before our eyes. This is a wonderful, marvelous time to be alive and to be Christian. God chose us from all eternity to be here – now – as a witness in these dark days. For it’s the character that’s the strongest that God gives the most challenges to and we should take that as a compliment. Enroll in the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Consecrate ourselves and our families to the Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart…place our Faith, Hope and Trust in the Same. Pray assiduously the Most Holy Rosary and in particular the Sorrowful Mysteries. Meditate on the Passion of Our Lord. Read the Lives of the Saints and most especially the early Christian Martyrs. Prepare ourselves to suffer great trials and persecution by the practice of mortification and self-denial. The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is about to be renewed and at the price of much blood.

      “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and he who fears is not perfected in love.” – 1 John 4:18

      May The Lord bless us and Our Lady protect us always,
      Sincerely yours in the Passion of the Church,

    2. The Immaculate Heart WILL triumph, no doubt. That doesn’t mean we will all be here to witness It. And, as I’m certain all here are aware, if we are in the beginning of end times, it will be horrific…..it will be our purgatory, since purgatory will also end when Christ Returns in His Glory!

  2. Definitely stay confessed. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, regardless of health, age, location, etc… When God says it’s your time it’s your time, and when it’s not it’s not. Best to not be a foolish virgin with no oil.

  3. In all of the Church-approved prophecies regards future events, there is NO mention of or reference to the United States. Enough said, stay confessed.

    1. The prophecies don’t mention Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, the rest of South America, the African continent, India, Japan and the rest of Asia either.

  4. Our Lady at Fatima warned that if her requests were not heeded Russia would spread her errors, there would be much to suffer and nations would be annihilated from the Earth. Then, when it seems like all is lost will come the magnificent victory of her immaculate heart and the time of peace. This chastisement is just beginning…..

  5. About 5 or 6 years ago, the people of Iceland built the first temple to the Norse gods. Viking paganism is returning to Iceland. Nature is revolting at this revolting idea.

    1. I hadn’t heard of that, Wanda, but looked up their temple. That is sobering. And the volcano is near Reykjavik which is where this building is being constructed. Thank you for the information

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