Benedict XVI “appoints an ambassador,” almost like a reigning pope

From the blog of Andrea Cionci (algo translation from Italian, emphasis in the original):

Totally ignored by the big media, a rare visit was granted last Monday by Benedict XVI to cav. Lorenzo Festicini, president of a humanitarian union called Istituto Nazionale Azzurro

Ratzinger appears in excellent shape : smiling and far from that “agony” we wrote about in August, wrapped in the white cassock he has worn since 2013, justifying himself by saying that at the time of the renunciation he had no other clothes.

But the surprise is that Benedict appointed Festicini “Ambassador of Peace in every part of the world”: as confirmed by the person concerned, it is “a purely spiritual appointment, a blessing for his humanitarian activity in Benin”.

However, the gesture of appointing an ambassador or a representative (prerogative of the reigning pope), although symbolic, comes at a hot moment : “Benedict XVI: pope emeritus?” a juridical text by the lawyer Estefania Acosta which states that Benedict is the only pope because he has kept the munus , the spiritual office, and that his resignation (with serious Latin errors) was deliberately written invalid to reveal the game of ” coup leaders ”and cancel them in due course: It is also the thesis of authoritative theologians and Latinists.

Benedict, in the Declaratio of 2013, in fact renounced some practical functions ( ministerium ) but not the spiritual office ( munus ). Now, since munus and ministerium , for the pope, are indivisible , the resignation would be invalid.

Last Friday we also asked 20 canonists of the Sacra Rota if such a dubious act of renunciation could be valid under Canon 14, but NONE of them replied . A signal?  HERE 

The “appointment of the ambassador” would therefore fall within that veiled and perfect ambiguity maintained by Ratzinger since 2013, so much so that he has always steadfastly declared that “the pope is one”, without ever explaining which of the two.

If, in fact, at a first superficial glance, the meeting with Festicini can only be a harmless blessing for a well-deserving faithful, on a deeper reading and especially in these days, it can underline once again how he names – spiritually – ambassadors because it holds the spiritual munus . But if munus and ministerium are indivisible and if the pope is one, he would be Ratzinger…

7 thoughts on “Benedict XVI “appoints an ambassador,” almost like a reigning pope”

  1. Consecration of Russia,maybe that will come, but it will be hard to get some of the “bishops “ on board.

    1. Would “all the bishops” have to include the heretical ones?

      Or maybe we have to wait until Bergoglio “excommunicates” the few bishops who are still actually Catholic…and then Pope Benedict could consecrate in union with those few….one can have hope.

      1. According to many of the Fathers of the Church, a heretic basically self-excommunicates. If that is the case, then the heretical bishops are not Catholic so don’t count . Then only the few real Catholic bishops would need to participate in the consecration.
        A cause for hope!

  2. I don’t know what all of you think, but Gaenswein has changed drastically in appearance on the photo here. Think it is just aging? I don’t. Strange, in any case. B16 looks better than I would have thought. Good to know he is alive. (Hopefully)

  3. Most of the bishops are going to have to disappear because they will not join the holy father in the consecration. Not the mostly sorry crop of bishops we have now and barring Divine Intervention, not the really sorry bishops that are going to be unleashed on us by antipope Bergoglio.

    How this corrects is in God’s hands. Perhaps Pope Benedict will somehow manage to fire 99 plus percent of the worlds bishops or the declining demographics will force an elimination of all these dioceses. It’s in God’s hands and I hope I live to see it all happen.

    Our Lady of Fatima, Ora pro nobis.

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