Flooding the Zone: Biden White House will spend $1.5B to re-educate deathvaxx deniers

By Lev Facher  

3/11 Joe Biden

The White House will soon unveil a wide-reaching public relations campaign aimed at boosting vaccine confidence and uptake across the U.S., Biden administration aides told STAT.

This television, radio, and digital advertising blitz, set to kick off within weeks, will focus on Americans outright skeptical of vaccines’ safety or effectiveness as well as those who are potentially more willing to seek a Covid-19 immunization but don’t yet know where, when, or how. Specifically, the campaign will target three groups in which access, apathy, or outright skepticism may pose a barrier to vaccinations: young people, people of color, and conservatives, according to a Biden aide. Congress and the administration have set aside over $1.5 billion for the effort.

The effort highlights a looming and underappreciated public health challenge: Though millions of Americans are currently clamoring to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, in a few short months, or even weeks, the opposite may be true. Instead of scrambling to manufacture doses, the government may soon be scrambling to find arms willing to receive them.

As for the specific content, administration officials said they were mindful that appeals directly from President Biden or Anthony Fauci are not likely to sway vaccine-hesitant people. As a result, they are expected to recruit both celebrities and trusted local officials to advance the pro-vaccine message.

Dorit Reiss, a law professor at the University of California, Hastings, whose research focuses on vaccine policy and ethics, explained why Biden and his lieutenants may not always be the best suited to spread the word.

“Messaging from the Biden administration might not be where conservative communities would look for guidance,” she said…


3 thoughts on “Flooding the Zone: Biden White House will spend $1.5B to re-educate deathvaxx deniers”

  1. Like I give a crap about what celebrities say… They will have to knock me unconscious in order to administer this deathvaxx to me. In which case, I will NOT have received it willingly at all, and will not be guilty of mortal sin.

  2. Our new recruitments officers up here, …Toronto cardinal urges faithful to get COVID vaccine, calling it ‘common sense,’ a way to ‘move on to serve the Lord’…


    …”Cardinal Collins delivered his extraordinary vaccination promotion with phraseology that appeared to mirror globalist leaders and politicians, who have advocated the experimental vaccines as the sole escape from the restrictions imposed upon their respective countries.”…

    Another bergoglio lackey. They are outing themselves, and the more the better, as we can see who is in the turncoat goat herd.

  3. I’m ready to move on out of here. If only there were a hidden, remote, Catholic community somewhere that couldn’t be tracked and watched by Elon Musk’s multiple space satellites. There’s got to be some physicians out there willing to push saline rather than the covid vaccine while documenting the latter. I’m interested to see how this is handled with the Amish…

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