6 thoughts on “Event 201: “Flooding the Zone” … as they all agreed to do”

  1. Have you noticed the anti-“boomer” rhetoric? There is a website, Vox Populi, that has become more visible of late, and is shared on Catholic websites. The topic is often boomers and how they are basically responsible for the ills of the world. The comments there, piling on all seniors, is pretty unnerving. It’s as if all boomers are guilty of some crime or another, basically, making a mess of things, something no prior generation has ever done. I think we all need to call that out when we see it. Demonizing an entire generation can’t end well.

    1. In all fairness, Millennials get the same treatment from boomers, but there aren’t many sensible millennials to defend. A lot of my peers are exactly as described- entitled, snowflakes, social justice warrior, easily triggered…the people I’ve gone to school with are so far gone with socialist liberal thinking it’s impossible to hold a conversation without being called a hater for something. Or being cancelled. They’re certainly responsible for that.

      Not speaking up about Vatican 2 is all I’d hold against boomers. Access to a closer TLM would be nice.

      1. I’m a mid-range boomer. Ten years old when Vatican II wrapped up. It’s really those who are now 90-something and older who should have done something to resist the aftermath of the Council. But I agree that most of my cohort who even remained Catholic did so because their memory of what came before was so fuzzy.

    2. It’s rather amazing how egotistical you boomers are, to start talking about yourselves, as always, when you are not at all related to the topic. It’s less impressive how it has never managed to penetrate your egos that your egos are why no one else likes you.

  2. Assuming Ann is correct and the vax is a genetic marker for nefarious ends, the question is are the targets those with the genetic marker, or those without?

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