Worse than Racist: Creepy Uncle Joe says anti-maskers are sub-human

(CNN) — President Joe Biden sharply criticized states such as Texas and Mississippi for lifting Covid-19 restrictions against pleas from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other top public health officials, accusing those in power of “Neanderthal thinking.”

“I think it’s a big mistake. Look, I hope everybody’s realized by now, these masks make a difference. We are on the cusp of being able to fundamentally change the nature of this disease because of the way in which we’re able to get vaccines in people’s arms,” Biden said when asked about the decisions by GOP Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas and Tate Reeves of Mississippi to relax restrictions.

“The last thing — the last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking that in the meantime, everything’s fine, take off your mask, forget it. It still matters,” Biden said…


There is vast evidence that masks cause more infections than they prevent. Allow me to show you, using their own graphs and data, just one glaring example from here in Arizona.

Take a look at this graphic from the CDC, taking a victory lap last summer when “cases” initially declined, before skyrocketing again:

This graphic was published here:


That was on October 9th, 2020. Y’all know what happened after that, right?

Source: https://azdhs.gov/preparedness/epidemiology-disease-control/infectious-disease-epidemiology/covid-19/dashboards/index.php

The mask mandates went into effect in Arizona on June 17th, 2020. Did the masks help or hurt?

A graph that resembles a brontosaurus moving left to right across time is not a good look.

I expect them to lie to us. I am just asking for the lies to be consistent. Either tell me to believe the case counts or tell me to believe the masks reduce the case counts. Come on, man.

4 thoughts on “Worse than Racist: Creepy Uncle Joe says anti-maskers are sub-human”

  1. While Pope Benedict is an intelligent and still-lucid elderly man being abused by his captors, Joe Biden is an elderly man so far gone that he has no idea he’s being used and abused by his captors. This is incredibly tragic. Pope Benedict, by the grace of God, at his age is still intelligent and is aware of what’s going on. And yes, I think he know A LOT of things that we don’t know that we’ll find out at the final judgement. What’s happening to Pope Benedict now is in all probability aligning with the prophesies of Blessed Anne Katherine Emmerich. Scary stuff but God is in charge as I was reminded today and we should really have no long-term fear. O.K. now contrast that with Joe Biden who is clearly suffering from dementia and is being told what to say and do by his minders. At this point, I think Biden is so far gone that unless there was a miraculous divine intervention, he has no idea that his history of pro-abortion, sodomy and other enablements of intrinsic evils are sinful and require true confession and repentance in order to be spared from the fires of hell. It’s one thing for non Catholics like K. Harris who have no history of ever knowing the True Catholic Faith but, there is NO EXCUSE for “Catholics” like Biden, Pelosi, the Kennedys and all the pro-abortion and sodomite bishops, priests and LCWR nuns to not come clean with God before they reach the state of dementia that Biden is clearly suffering from.

  2. Neanderthal (noun): uncivilized, unthinking, uncouth

    We are now less than 15 days from the one year anniversary of 15 days to flatten the curve. And we’re up to two masks in the knuckle dragger portions of blue America. Vaccines that don’t offer immunity but lots of juicy side effects. Science and scientists are now feared, not trusted. The curves and the graphs and the lines, everyone seemingly experts in statistics now.

    The dates produced now are not measured in days but in years … in the context of possibly forever. Because, SCIENCE 🤡.

    I hope Gov Abbot has only one thing to say to these Neanderthals – third finger from the left, or right, his choice.

  3. It hardly matters, but I believe Biden knew his time would be limited. Like many with dementia, he said things through no filter, so he told us they had created the largest election fraud machine in the world, or some such thing, before the stolen election, and he said at some point “he’ll just develop some disease” and retire so Harris can take over publicly. It’s hard not to feel sympathy for him, nobody cared enough about him to prevent his very public decline, which is shameful to the extreme. Care about his dignity, for God’s sake. One must remind oneself this is a seriously bad man.

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