Math is Racist: Bill and Melinda Gates bankroll the war on reality

When you read this, you are going to think it is parody, but it is not. Click through to the disgusting source material and see that it’s all true. You can start with browsing through the first 82 page module here:

This is where we are. The satanic war on reality is now going after math itself, because of course they did. They couldn’t help themselves. Note well, the Gates Foundation is the sole source of funding listed on the project’s website… it wouldn’t exist if not for Gates of Hell.

Wrong answers are white supremacy. If you believe right answers exist, you need to confront your racism.

I would comment further, but the following article trolls so well, I could hardly mock any mockier.

By Jason Rantz, February 19, 2021 

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is bankrolling a group of activists who believe math is racist.

A group of fringe educators have compiled a six-part toolkit offering an “integrated approach” to developing an “anti-racist math practice” viewed through a social justice lens. It chides the “concept of mathematics being purely objective” as “unequivocally false.” It argues focusing on the “right answer” to math equations is an example of white supremacy. The toolkit A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction is meant to help educators in grades 6-8.

Math is racist. Wrong answers are white supremacy

The toolkit focuses on the 2021 progressive buzzword of “equity” and claims white supremacy and mathematics go hand in hand. The resources help educators rid their classrooms of the scourge of racist math by making their students dumber. For example, the lessons in Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction warn educators that “white supremacy culture” shows up in the classroom when teachers “treat mistakes as problems by equating them with wrongness” because it “reinforces the ideas of perfectionism (that students shouldn’t make mistakes) and paternalism (teachers or other experts can and should correct mistakes).”

It doesn’t explain why this is white supremacist culture. It just says that it is. A quick way to dismantle the white supremacist culture, according to the text, is to eliminate order in the classroom. The text argues, “requiring students to raise their hand before speaking can reinforce paternalism and powerhoarding, in addition to breaking the process of thinking, learning, and communicating.” Instead, it recommends you teach math via “storytelling circles, incorporating dance, music, song, call and response, and other cultural ways of communicating.”

To be an anti-racist math teacher, admit your racism

The toolkit explains that if you truly want to be an anti-racist math teacher, you must embrace your identity. And you’re likely a virulent racist. But it’s OK. The resources will guide you through the “emotionally difficult work of coaching for math equity.”

Prior to engaging in any instruction session with students, educators must do some soul searching. They are told to address their “underlying inherently racist beliefs and biases, positionality, and personal power within that positionality.” Once completed, you’re on your way to challenging “the ways that math is used to uphold capitalist, imperialist, and racist views.”

“Often the emphasis is placed on learning math in the ‘real world,’ as if our classrooms are not a part of the real world,” the text reads. “This reinforces notions of either/or thinking because math is only seen as useful when it is in a particular context. However, this can result in using mathematics to uphold capitalist and imperialist ways of being and understandings of the world.”

The Pathway‘s website thanks the Gates Foundation for “their generous financial support of this project.” No other nonprofit is listed for donations and they do not list the amount donated. But they have been active in promoting similar principles on math. According to the Washington Free Beacon, the Gates Foundation gave nearly “$140 million to some of the groups behind Pathway, whose antiracist resources are the basis for a new teacher training course offered by the Oregon Department of Education.” The Gates Foundation also gave tens of millions to The Education Trust, a proponent of the Pathways toolkit.

Read the rest:

12 thoughts on “Math is Racist: Bill and Melinda Gates bankroll the war on reality”

  1. This has nothing to do with anti-racism. It’s a return to an age old practice. You can’t have literate and ciphering serfs running around the “human settlements” causing trouble. Only certain select individuals will receive an education which they will use to lord over the small, manageable herd of human cattle who are allowed to exist. Good idea to get the ball rolling with mal-education and school closures before the big die off.

  2. It’s so ridiculous, it’s hard to believe. But I know it’s true and shouldn’t be surprised. And is it just me or is Melinda Gates looking more manly as time goes by? Must be the hatred in her heart manifesting itself through her face.

  3. This new curriculum itself is racist. Why? Because its basic premise is that students, other than Caucasians, are unable to produce correct answers to math problems. It is demeaning and insulting. I have been teaching math for twenty years and, while formally retired, am still tutoring individual children. It is a great joy to me to see the “lightbulb” go on when they finally understand a new concept and process. Every teacher should give this opportunity to every child they instruct, whether the subject is math, English, science or whatever. I am very upset that any educator would give this trash the time of day. Thank you for the opportunity to air my opinion, Mark. God bless you.

  4. If parents think teachers are going to be the heroes and let their administrators and Board of Ed know they are not going to lie to children in order to earn a paycheck, think again. There is only one way and one way only to prevent this Great Lie from happening, The Big Brainwash. Parents need to get involved.
    Yup, it’s going to take PARENTS, as in p-a-r-e-n-t-s. You. You there. You must organize with other parents and let your child’s principal, superintendent, and Board of Education know NOW that you do not want this social justice slop making it’s way into your child’s classroom and school.
    From here on in, parents are going to have to get involved in demanding to know who is talking to their children about social justice “issues”. Watch our for free periods and “discussions”, discussion groups, adults brought in for “assemblies”, social studies curriculum, LA curriculum, media center activities, and so on. Demand to know what and who is talking to your child. Can’t opt out? Take your child out of the training camp lest you lose them to it.
    Know who your child’s teacher is. If you hear weird stuff, or see odd assignments (you will) let your teacher know and the admin know you disapprove. Get together with other parents. Numbers help. This manure flows from on high, it may not be easy for your school to resist. Give them some help by giving them a reason to resist, you! Your child is innocent until they are corrupted. You can’t unlearn something. You brought them into the world. Do your job. Protect them.

    1. You can also merely be a taxpayer to voice your opinion on this. Get involved with the Board of Ed and voice your concerns. Be aware these are public situations. Be smart. Choose your words carefully. Organize with other taxpayers. And get going.

  5. My grandfather told a story about the maths class in the school for black labourer’s children built by the white landowner on his vast estate. It was the 1930’s in British colonial Africa. He, the teacher wrote the exact same maths problem on the chalk board five times over. He called out five students, gave each a piece of chalk, and told them to simultaneously solve the problem. It was a challenge. A competition. But as soon as the first student had completed the problem, found the solution, all the others immediately laid down their chalk and refused to continue. No amount of insistence that each student must work it out for himself was to any avail. Puzzled, he asked why they didn’t want to find the answer for themselves. Their reply was that if one of them could do it then why should the others even worry about it. The answer was shared property. My grandfather was critical of their lack of ambition. But secretly I smiled at their wisdom.

  6. I know now why I bought that Absolut vodka and dry Noily Prat Vermouth. I hope I get the mixture right! And if I put two olives in that mix, that would only be one right? Now off to the 82 pages, and who counted the pages by the way for inaccuracy.

  7. All of this started with? The Germans. If you want to see a very good explanation of postmodernism, which is what the war against reality is, read this books”Explaining Postmodernism” by Stephen Hicks.

    My Summary: The Germans didn’t like modernism/enlightenment. But since their Christian foundation was Lutheran, their response was one of anti reason/irrationality. Un-reality. When communism, which competed with modernism, failed, communists embraced post-modernism, anti reason. Which is basically where we are now.

    It never occurred to anyone that the Church had the answers.

  8. It chides the “concept of mathematics being purely objective” as “unequivocally false.”
    I will not waste my time to check if this sentence accurately represents (any part of) the message in the paper and will assume that it does.
    The authors contradict themselves by claiming that something is “unequivocally false”, which in itself is an attempt at a purely objective statement.
    By their own twisted “logic”, that statement itself is “racist”.
    By true logic, that statement is obviously false when applied to pure mathematics and logic.
    They may as well have said that truth is false and falsehood is truth.
    Isaiah 5:20 Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.

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