War on Reality: “Equality Act” means the end of equality for women and girls, and so much more

The “Equality Act” H.R 5 has passed the House and is headed for the Senate. This bill is, quite simply, a war on reality, and on its Creator, and on you. You will not get away with simply acknowledging or tolerating their anti-reality; you will 100% be made to participate in it, and so will your children. Whenever you see basic reality being challenged, it is always demonic. All of reality is God’s creation, so the demons naturally want to destroy it, and deceive as many as possible along the way. Demons have no ability to create, only to destroy.

For the demons and the demoniacs , forcing your participation is actually their favorite part.

“The language of the bill passed by the House specifically prohibits the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 from providing a claim, defense, or basis for challenging the protections granted for “gender identity” or “sexual orientation.” This would deny religious organizations any moral grounds for objecting to the enforcement of these protections and would make those organizations criminally liable if they did.

Imagine a church youth camp where teenage boys would normally be housed in separate sleeping quarters from teenage girls. Not under H.R.5. Any boy who “identifies as female” would be legally entitled to bunk with the girls. Or any girl who “identifies as male” would be legally entitled to bunk with the boys. According to the ‘Equality Act,’ any church that prohibits such action would be violating the individual’s civil rights and could face legal action.

“Imagine a Sunday School class where 8 year old “Paul” says he is really “Paula,” and wants to wear a dress to class or use the girls’ bathroom. If that made other children feel confused or their parents uncomfortable, too bad. Any attempt by the church to deny the child’s freedom to attend the class dressed as “he” or “she” chooses (pick your pronoun), to use the restroom of “his” or “her” choice, or any attempt to counsel the child to accept their God-given gender would be a violation of the child’s civil rights and the church could be legally liable.

Imagine that a homosexual man is not hired by a church on the grounds that his lifestyle is incompatible with the church’s Statement of Faith and Biblical beliefs. Under the Equality Act, that would be discrimination and the church could be sued and/or lose its tax-exempt status.”


In addition, it is a war specifically on women and girls. There can no longer be any segregated spaces for biological females under this law. No girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, etc. If a man wants to come in, he is allowed in, under federal law. Not to mention, girls sports are done, at least the individual ones… track, golf, tennis, etc.

But why stop there?

What if a pedophile identifies as an eight year old? Why can’t he participate in camps or activities for eight year olds?

What if a 15 year old identifies as 25 and wants to buy beer? Why can’t he?

What if a white man with blue eyes and blonde hair identifies as a black woman, brown hair brown eyes? Why can’t he fill out his passport application that way?

What if a woman identifies as suffering chronic acute back pain, chronically 8/10 on the pain scale? Why can’t she have all the Oxy she wants? Who are you to judge, Dr. Misogyny?

What if I am 5’5″ and 250 pounds, but I identify as 6’4″ and 200 pounds… Can I claim the latter on my driver’s license? Well, you might say no, because we can measure those things objectively (never mind that we can also measure biological sex, as a person’s DNA will always reveal their “birth gender”). But no, you say, grab a ruler and a scale, and we shall gather the empirical evidence showing us the objective reality of your height and weight in standardized imperial units… feet, inches, pounds… well, have I got a surprise for you:

Coming up next, and I am not making this up,

Math is Racist.

9 thoughts on “War on Reality: “Equality Act” means the end of equality for women and girls, and so much more”

  1. Here’s the thing. Leftists don’t have a word for Evil. In their worldview, Evil does not exist.

    When they use the words “hateful”, or “bigoted”, or “racist”, or “(insert here)-phobic”, they are really calling something, or someone, Evil. They are just too mentally impoverished to name the concept they attempt to describe with these words.

    Math is Racist (Evil) because it is objective. And to the leftist, the tyrrany of objective reality cannot be borne. Objective reality – Reality – Existence – is Evil, because it imposes limits. It chains them, and they chafe under the chains of Being. They cannot stand it.

    Their only solution is to burn it all down. Existence must be destroyed, because the tyrrany of objective Existence proves they are not unlimited, unfettered, unchained. Reality proves they are not God.

    1. Urielangeli, that is the nut of it and very well stated.

      I think most people understand now that Leftism is not mere politics but a religion. A sad, angry, hate-filled, self-consuming religion. And it demands not just total agreement but obedience to all their doctrines.

      The existential reality (as you aver) is that we come from God into life, are responsible to God for our life, and will be judged by God with how we spent His gift of life (existence). It doesn’t matter whether you “believe” or not – it simply is.

      And throughout time, there are those who love God and those who hate God. Period.

      The conflict of life has always been between God and Lucifer, and those who choose either one.

      You said it better.

      1. Thank you both. Most kind of you.

        The battle lines between the children of the Lord and the children of the Evil One are becoming clearer, day by day. As are the lines in our hears.

    2. Spot on comment
      The Democratic slogan Build back Better- you can’t do this unless, as you say, they burn it all down.

  2. Can’t wait until this goes to SCOTUS. I’m betting 7-2 for its constitutionality with only Alito and Thomas holding out. I have no faith in the Trump picks.

    This isn’t about destroying reality as it is destroying Christian morality. And so the entire 1st amendment must be destroyed.

    1. The best of Trump’s picks has been the protestant from a rainbow-inclusive church in Boulder with a female pastor. The two “Catholics” have been perfect disasters.

      And Republicans can’t wait to give him the ’24 nomination anyway. Welcome to Crazy Town.

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