Philly cop attends Trump rally, gets placed on administrative leave pending investigation

Hopefully the last five days have been a learning experience. They will hunt you down. You will be banned, barred, voided, cancelled, and quite possibly jailed. But unlike the BLM rioters last summer, Harris/Biden will NOT be setting up a legal defense fund for you, nor arranging your bail money.

Where do you have your money? Is your bank branch even open? I highly recommend USAA or Navy Fed for banking and credit cards, or perhaps a local credit union that you trust. If you don’t have the liquidity to pay off your mortgage if the bank calls your note, you need to figure that out right away. If your employer leans left, and you still have any sort of public persona, social media, etc, do yourself a favor and cancel yourself before they cancel you. Last will come the utilities, which will be the real break. Does your city control your water, and do you have a Marxist mayor? Yep, I’m betting Mayor Kate has my name on a list in bold letters. Folks, we are out of time. Stop what you are doing and make a plan.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — The Philadelphia Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau is probing whether a detective played any role in Wednesday’s riot on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Action News has learned that one detective reportedly attended the rally in support of President Donald Trump that preceded the insurrection (sic) Wednesday.

Philadelphia police released a statement on the investigation Sunday night saying, “We are aware of social media posts that allege that a Philadelphia Police Department detective may have been in attendance at the events on Washington, DC on January 6th. An IAB investigation has been opened to determine if any PPD policies were violated by the detective, and if they participated in any illegal activities while in attendance. The Detective’s assignment has been changed pending the outcome of the investigation.”

Sources tell Action News that the detective works in the recruitment division and is tasked with screening new recruits to make sure they are fit to serve. Part of the detective’s job involves screening the social media accounts of those recruits.

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5 released a statement on Monday reading, “Our detective traveled to Washington, DC this week on her day off and exercised her First Amendment rights to attend an event. We believe she has done nothing wrong and we await the results of a complete, internal review.” We strongly condemn the violence and loss of life at the Capitol and hope those responsible will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

UPDATE: Mayor Kenney just made a statement that this has nothing to do with First Amendment rights…. okay… the link is now updated to include his comments.

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