Could he make it any clearer for you: Antipope Bergoglio MANDATES corona vax as the only ethical choice

This man is a demon from Hell. Note well, he’s not only saying it is ethical to take it, he’s saying that taking it is the only ethical choice. Pure evil.

January 9, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – In an interview scheduled to air Sunday night with the Italian television station Canale 5, Pope Francis has opined that “everyone” must take the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“I believe that, ethically, everyone should take the vaccine,” he said, according to a transcript released in advance of the airing of the interview. 

The Pope added that he would be taking the vaccine himself and that the Vatican will start administering it to its citizens “next week,” remarking that “it must be done.” 

According to the transcript as quoted in The New York Times, Pope Francis suggests that, “it’s an ethical choice, because you are playing with health, life, but you are also playing with the lives of others.”  

“I don’t understand why some say, ‘No. Vaccines are dangerous,’” the Pope is quoted as saying. “If it is presented by doctors as a thing that can go well, that has no special dangers, why not take it? There is a suicidal denial that I wouldn’t know how to explain.” 

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    …”We cannot be saved if we deny revealed truth. Nor can we be saved if we deny even one revealed truth.
    The first of which is that God is not only the Creator of all, but our Creator. That is, He by a direct personal intervention created Adam and Eve, our first parents.
    He is also our Creator by the direct personal intervention in creating each individual human soul: our own at the moment of our conception.
    Thus, God is the author of our genetic code as much as he is the author of our souls.
    God’s Intellect is infinite, and thus our genetic code is a divine masterpiece and not only a divine gift and heritage.
    Have we forgotten the FIRST COMMANDMENT?
    I am the Lord, thy God: thou shalt have NO other gods before Me!
    To take, therefore, a RNA vaccine which alters our genetic code and adds to it something which is artificial either according to its origin or on account of not coming from our race, is therefore the ULTIMATE ACT OF REBELLION.
    Because, it says, that I belong to myself, and I will NOT SERVE the nature Thou hast given me, but will strike out and become a being of my own making!
    This is why the NWO wants to vaccinate everyone. It is not about money or even power, its about their Satanic creed. They want everyone to become a rebel against the Creator so as to damn everyone.
    And this is perhaps why Saint John the Apostle in the Book of the Apocalypse says that when Christ returns He will destroy the wicked men and women whom He finds. As they are not His own but rebels in both body and soul.
    But let us also not forget first CONDITION of salvation: we can  only be saved because God became one of us and merited salvation for our race.
    “One of us,” means a son of Adam.
    “For our race,” means for the sons of Adam.
    If we alter or allow to be altered our DNA, then we are no longer the sons of Adam. And therefore, we can no longer obtain salvation in Christ Jesus.
    This makes sense, because in what sense can someone who has rebelled against the first duty of the creature to be what His Creator made him to be, claim favor or forgiveness?
    There is only one rectification of such a sin: eternal damnation.”…

    Pray. Stay out of sin!

  2. As usual “Pope” Francis makes the situation worse–any situation.

    Aside from ethical considerations it makes no sense to take vaccine for Covid-19 at this stage of the game as a new Covid is probably on the way requiring a new vaccine. Covid appears to be just another kind of flu–killing the same range of people as always.

  3. Renfrew Summer, while the vaccine is evil on many levels, it does not alter our genetic code. RNA and dna are very different and DNA is in the nucleus of a cell and can’t be compromised. Anything dealing with RNA occurs in the cytoplasm, in the ribosomes if I’m not mistaken. We as humans are not being altered in the matter you’re describing. Dangerous to our health? Yes. A sterilant? Probably.

    You’re right about everything else though.

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