If you think the New World Order is only for flat earthers and chemtrail chemists, check out these handy links

Editor: I’m running out of conspiracy theories because they all keep coming true.


The World Economic Forum’s network of Global Future Councils is the world’s foremost multistakeholder and interdisciplinary knowledge network dedicated to promoting innovative thinking to shape a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable future. 

The network convenes more than 1000 of the most relevant and knowledgeable thought leaders from academia, government, international organizations, business and civil society, grouped in expertise-based thematic councils. It is an invitation-only community and members are nominated for a one-year period.


Global Future Council members provide strategic insights, scientific evidence, forward guidance and multidisciplinary understanding of major issues that will shape the post-COVID world through:

–      Identifying and monitoring the latest trends, scientific research and frontier technologies with significant potential to transform societies, industries and regions

–      Contributing their expertise and knowledge, sharing key lessons and developing innovative ideas to “building back better” initiatives of industry, regional and solution platforms

–      Providing decision-makers from business and government with a multidisciplinary understanding of the strategic implications

–      Deepening understanding of the drivers and enablers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how emerging technologies can be leveraged to address global, regional and industry issues

–      Informing the World Economic Forum’s strategic initiatives by providing feedback on the direction of existing projects as well as new areas of focus

–      Increasing public awareness of the potential benefits and risks related to major breakthroughs

Members’ engagement

Council members participate regularly in online interactions and council activities via the Forum’s TopLink platform, emails and regular virtual meetings. The council delivers its outcomes as part of the Forum’s ongoing projects, initiatives and meetings.

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4 thoughts on “If you think the New World Order is only for flat earthers and chemtrail chemists, check out these handy links”

  1. Eugh, Schwab is homo illuminatus personified. Gnostics are such sad-sack losers in the journey of eternity. Pray for him, hard though it may be.

  2. Have you ever heard of the Kaunas Technical University? Neither am I, but I was intrigued by the photo you gave to the article. This is Klaus Schwab in the ceremonial dress of the professors of this university in a small town in Lithuania. On October 13, 2017, he was awarded the title of doctor honoris causa there.
    Bearing in mind that it was on Fatima’s 100th Anniversary, read this now:
    OUR BLESSED VIRGIN MARY [to seer Luz de Maria]:
    “From an unthinkable small country, the one who will lead and manipulate great powers has emerged. This is the way evil works: in secret so as not to be discovered, in what is small so as not to seem a threat, in the unthinkable so as not to allow for time to reach conclusions. ”
    Lithuania is the cradle of the influential trend of Talmudic spirituality. Could the Antichrist come from this tiny country?

  3. Look at this sorry limp looking guy. This is the enemy? He looks like he swiped that costume off a wax figure in the “Star Trek Antagonists” exhibit. Soros? That penguin looking Gates and his manwife? These are about the most unintimidating people imaginable which I think is why the ultimate enemy chooses them. He not only wants to crush Christendom but out of spite he wants to do it with the feeble. Although I suppose he has to work with what’s available because who else other than the mentally, physically, spiritually feeble would take his lousy bargain? Of course I guess he finds in them the kindred.

    “Build back better” sloganism from destroyers who are incapable of building anything. Read that pathetic mission statement. The usual vagaries and jargon. Tonic for the feebs. You have to have strength to build. You can’t build anything without a vision. And genuine building requires grace because all worthy creativity is of God and whatever ability we have to engage in it is part and parcel of our being created in His likeness and image. You can’t build anything good outside of Him.

    Gird the ol’ loins gents. We have to face this guy, Angela Merkel who would be better off baking cookies for her grandkids somewhere (if she had any), Macron and Trudeau tiptoeing around here and there… the lot of them. THESE goofballs are their generals. How have they advanced at all much less this far?

    Here’s how: societal rejection of Christ, the source of all strength. Apostasy rampant in His Church. And you know I can’t finish a post without bringing it up: ignoring Our Lady of Fatima.

    “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.” There’s our strength, right there. That promise from our Queen is iron clad and comes with the seal of approval of her Son, our King.

    Happy Feast of the Epiphany tomorrow.

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