“This is a staged pandemic, and there are other goals, other people behind this…”

I highly recommend investing 24 minutes of your time to watch this video posted by Miss B. Wide ranging yet concise discussion on the rona scam in multiple dimensions, and the speaker has a very straightforward style. Living in a world as we do with schemes and schemers left and right, mealymouthed masters of faux-nuance everywhere you look, one really learns to appreciate “straight talk” as a species of beauty.

Watch and Share: German-American attorney explains the fraud of the PCR tests and his lawsuits in Germany

This comes highly recommended by Dr. Beep, who you will remember also alerted us to Dr. Kory and Ivermectin, which many of us have now acquired.  His very last point is SPOT ON, and I had this explained to me in the context of my research on Diabolical Narcissism: people who have photographic memories and can memorize data with tremendous facility are today considered “geniuses” and even “super-geniuses”, but many of these people are actually functionally stupid because they cannot engage in any speculative thought. They can only repeat and regurgitate what they are TOLD, and they tend to attach themselves to dominant psychopaths to whom they have cultish loyalty.  Gates, Fauci, Cuomo… these are all psychopaths with thralls of sycophants repeating and VIOLENTLY ENFORCING the wills of their masters.


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