Shocking new testimony as “vaccine” jabs start in USA in 3-2-1

I have received so much feedback on recent posts regarding the “vaccines.” It really surprised me how much they got shared, both on the internet and via personal correspondence. It has been explained to me that the effectiveness of these posts lies in their simplicity. Whoever said unlettered laynothings ain’t good fer nuttin?

Several people have told me of success in convincing friends and family members of the dangers simply by emailing or texting these links, with no further explanation. “Worth five minutes of your time,” is a powerful inducement when it comes from someone you trust. So since the first jabs are happening today, all of them mRNA bio-technology (all Pfizer; Moderna coming soon), here are the links again, followed by some very encouraging news that I bet you’ve heard nothing about, because it’s being blacked out.

  1. There has NEVER been a successful coronavirus-type vaccine, because every one that has ever been developed has resulted in WORSENED effects due to accelerated uptake of the pathogen caused directly by the “vaccine” itself:
  2. There has NEVER been a successful mRNA vaccine, whereby SYNTHETIC mRNA is intentionally injected into humans in order to disrupt the natural replication process of healthy human cells, so that the cells are reprogrammed to produce a fragment of the VIRUS itself:

Bill Gates has now dumped several hundred million dollars into the new mRNA technology, and since he can hardly be motivated by profit, perhaps some progress towards the 90% reduction in human population he loves to talk about. He has been pumping up Moderna since at least 2016. So you can imagine what a threat to these dreams would be a safe, cheap, readily available cure.

Also, this: Stay with it.  Watch til the end.  Share.

Dr. Beep asks all readers to watch and share aggressively. The good ol’ drug Ivermectin knocks viral pneumonia out like Tyson in his prime.

And it won’t even bite your ear off.  This stuff is totally safe.  It’s been around forever, and is UBIQUITOUS in the livestock industry as a prophylactic – a PREVENTATIVE measure.

And it is DIRT CHEAP.  Which is, of course, why the arch-criminals want it banned and totally suppressed.


Ann speaking for Ann and Ann alone here: The most common Cattle-Swine trade name is IVOMEC by the Pharma company MERIAL. Cattlemen buy it in farm supply stores. There are two forms: pour-on (no use) and injectable (Cough, cough. Ahem.)  And yes… it’s absolutely been done.

UPDATE:  Ivermectin is probably THE MOST COMMON drug in HUMANS in use in the world.  It is given orally in Africa every three months to combat eye and other parasites.  Old school veterinarians in the US were known to regularly take 1.25 cc’s of the 1% livestock form ORALLY as a prophylactic.

Stay with it.  Watch til the end.  Share.

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