Barnhardt Podcast #132: Who do I have to be?

“Wink, wink, I had to step aside because of the Antichrist.”

“Oh, well, that’s no big deal…”

Barnhardt Podcast #132: Who Do I Have to Be?

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In this episode, Ann, Mark, and Dr. Mazza preview the upcoming English version of Peter Seewald’s book/interview with Pope Benedict, wherein Pope Benedict further explains what he did and why he did it. Opening bombshell: Benedict has finally written a “Spiritual Will,” but no one knows where it is, what it says, or if he really wrote it himself. We also touch on the latest Scalfari dust up, covered by Socci, whereby Scalfari says Bergolio knows there are two popes or maybe Benedict is the only one? We review several points of canon law, Benedict’s actions in light or the law, and we discuss how the four marks Church are synthesized in, and absolutely demand, its VISIBILITY. We also lavish praise on Dr. Mazza’s current classes on Church and world history, and introduce his new Spring Semester!

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2 thoughts on “Barnhardt Podcast #132: Who do I have to be?”

  1. The Fatima Crusader (FC) Interviews Father Paul Kramer
    FC: But when, if ever, will the Third Secret be revealed?
    Father Kramer: Of course, it will be revealed, for man cannot hide forever a secret confided by God Himself to His Blessed Mother for the benefit of the whole world. The question is not whether, but when it will be revealed at last.
    Without claiming any kind of prophetic accuracy I can say that when I was in Fatima in 1991, I was informed that the Carmelites of Fatima had received the news from Sister Lucy and her fellow sisters at the convent in Coimbra that Our Lady had appeared to Sister Lucy not long before May of 1991 and told her that the Third Secret is going to be revealed DURING THE COURSE OF A MAJOR WAR. (emphasis added)
    So, the war will break out, it will be a sudden war, it will be a blitzkrieg, and the true Church will be driven underground. But, at the beginning of this war, when the Pope realizes that keeping the Third Secret hidden no longer makes any sense, because the Russians have now made their move, he will reveal the missing text of the Third Secret.
    If Pope Benedict is reigning at the time of this war, he will probably want to consecrate Russia after revealing the full Third Secret, but like King Louis XVI, he will not be able to do the Consecration in time because the calamities will strike too quickly. There won’t be enough forewarning, so the Pope will not be able to organize it in time. He will have to go into hiding. Perhaps Benedict will be the very Pope who flees a devastated Rome, as St. Pius X foresaw, and is finally hunted down as the Third Secret vision depicts — which God forbid that should happen. But if it happens, that Pope will be hunted and killed by the enemy’s armed forces, just as we see in the vision.
    – The Third Secret Predicts: World War III and Worse? Crusader 82 Page 11

  2. “One “tiny Hobbit” against all the evil the world could muster. A sane being would have given up, but Dr. Mazza burned with a magnificent madness, a glowing obsession to surmount every obstacle, to teach the truth, destroy error, and cleanse earth of her ignorance. He knew he would try again. Fail, perhaps. And try once more. A thousand, thousand times if need be, but he would not give up the quest.” 😀
    ― Edited from JRR Tolkien’s The Return of the King

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