Wisdom from the combox: Keep praying… here are some tips

The following commentary with suggested intercessors is in response to the post about Sidney Powell “unleashing the Kraken:” Sorry the formatting is a little wonky. PRAY PRAY PRAY. We need to storm Heaven! https://nonvenipacem.com/2020/11/15/sidney-powell-i-will-unleash-the-kraken/

  •  Paul Jackson says: Let us pray that the message will get out.Given the Deep State, Oligopolist Infotech and Marxist Media’s strangleholds, that is by no means a certainty.Some Patron Saints whose intercession we can seek follow.
  • St Bernadine of Siena Advertisers
    St Francis de Sales Journalists
    St Gabriel, Archangel Communications workers, postal workers, broadcasters, messengers, radio/television workers, diplomats, ambassadors
    St Genesius Attorneys, barristers, lawyers
    St Gregory the Great Teachers
    St Ignatius of Loyola Educators
    St Isidore of Seville Computer scientists, software engineers, computer programmers, computer technicians, computer users
    St Jerome Librarians, translators
    St John Baptist de la Salle Christian teachers, educators
    St John Bosco Editors, printers, publishers
    St John of Capistrano Jurists
    St John of God Booksellers
    St John the Evangelist Editors, authors
    St Lawrence Librarians, archivists, comedians
    St Luke the Evangelist Doctors, surgeons, artists, painters, notaries
    St Matthew the Evangelist Accountants, bookkeepers, custom agents, security guards
    St Michael the Archangel Soldiers, police officers, security officers
    St Nicholas of Myra The falsely accused
    St Patrick Paralegals
  •  Paul Jackson says: St Peter of Alcantara Guards
    St Thomas the Apostle Politicians
    St Thomas Aquinas Students, teachers, academics
    St Thomas More Politicians, statesmen, lawyers, civil servants, court clerks
    St Veronica Photographers
    St Vitus Comedians, dancers
    St Yves LawyersLet us storm Heaven with our prayers!
  •  Cathy says: I would ask St. Ignatius de Loyola to bring along his sword and give them a good smack with it. >_<
  •  susan says: EditOH PLEASE GOD!, MAY IT BE SO!!!!

2 thoughts on “Wisdom from the combox: Keep praying… here are some tips”

  1. It is a great pity that President Trump appears to be relying mainly on lawyers, rather than the full panoply of advertising, art, design, education, media and public relations and other professionals – to which Patron Saints I proposed intercessions.

    On 10 November, a Just the News Daily Poll
    With Scott Rasmussen indicated that only 49% of those polled believed Biden legitimately won the election.

    Translating the necessarily tedious detail of affidavits, depositions and other legal filings into charts, graphics, slogans etc that the average voter can relate to, recall, redistribute and respond to could easily tip that 49% lower, to a level at which remedial actions would need to be taken by those that need to take them.

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