15 thoughts on “Summation of current culture in one tweet”

  1. Let’s not go with European “royalty” or anything like it (e.g., American political families). They very quickly create their own awful problems. Think the Habsburg jaw. Think Prince Charles.

  2. I have an acquaintance who “hails” from Australia.

    He lives in the Philadelphia area….and his wife is the Director of Marketing for Comcast.

    Today he informed us that Australia only has 19 documented “covid-19” cases…and these “cases” were introduced by individuals who had traveled outside of the country…..what gives? As if I didn’t know.

    Remember the charge of the Light Brigade…or, better yet, the “Riders of Rohan.”

    Into the Valley of Death…bring it on.

  3. I forgot to mention….the brand spanking new Comcast building here in the City of Brotherly Love is vacant and employees were informed that “access to the building” is postponed until July 2021. Imagine that?

    1. And with all the riots, completely o.k. with the Philly mayor, district attorney, and city council, the days of turning unused office towers into residential is OVER.

  4. Oh yes, we will get the great reset but not what the nw order wants. God will reset the world. Our Lady told us already at Fatima, Akita, La Salette and Quito. God is in control.

      1. If this comes to fruition there will be massive violence perpetrated by the hired thugs of the new world order who are behind this fraud. Violence early December if Trump moves forward, or is perceived to go on to win. These Antifa dump holes will explode with the consent of the political class. Problem, reaction, solution on display big time. I believe time is short. These satanists are making their play and unfortunately a lot of good people will pay.

        God will help us if we ask rightly and fervently. The Cross is always ahead and in sight. Pray that we do not fail Him. He needs us as we need Him. We are in His image and likeness.

        Have a pleasant evening.

      2. I am sure they are saving it for the opportune moment. No point in giving your opponents any more time than you absolutely have to.

    1. Yes once the consecration of Russia is done, there will be a sudden reversal. But it will be the legitimate Pope after PBXVI who will do it.

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