Ten Attorneys General file written challenge to SCOTUS on PA election outcome

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UPDATED 6:58 AM PT – Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Several top state attorneys are backing President Trump’s legal action that challenges the results of Pennsylvania’s vote count. On Monday, attorneys general from 10 states filed a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court urging justices to take up the case.

“As such, we believe that the voting system be free of outside undue influence and that irregularities in the process should be completely vetted, so that the American people can have faith in their system of electing officials,” stated Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry.

The petitioners argue the Pennsylvania Supreme Court violated separation of powers and increased the risk of voter fraud. This occurred when the court ruled in favor of accepting mail-in ballots three days after the election if they were postmarked November 3. The attorneys general claim the Constitution gives the state legislature the power to choose the time, place and manner of elections.

Source and more details: https://www.oann.com/10-attorneys-general-back-president-trumps-challenge-of-pa-election-results/

The separation of powers is something they used to teach in third grade. I’m not even kidding. The Judicial Branch does not have the power to legislate… that power resides with the, ahem, LEGISLATIVE Branch. The PA Supreme Court had zero authority to change election law. On top of that, federal election laws also come into play here. Blue Shift can kiss my grits.

We are just getting started, folks. KEEP PRAYING.

2 thoughts on “Ten Attorneys General file written challenge to SCOTUS on PA election outcome”

  1. The more the utter chaos of this election comes into focus, the more inevitable a 12th Amendment contingent election becomes.

    Good news: Trump wins.
    Bad news: The riots will result in martial law.

    You might want to make sure you have your preps in order before December 14th.

    1. America is the laughing stock of the world, you know they’ve been stealing and taking what they want for decades but they met their match with Donald J Trump,my name for him is the TRUMPSTER oh by the way I like to patent this after his status and the Great American quote comes out for more years, you remember you heard it first, LOL but serious notice I hope everything that they have done is exposed for the world to see and that they take these evil people off the face of the Earth oh, it’s going to get ugly but the prophecy say that Donald Trump will be re-elected this was created in 2010 by Kim Clements, look him up, and Sid Roth It’s Supernatural I believe in God and I believe God has been molded Donald Trump to be the president of United States for years before he even thought about becoming president, and I believe that God will see you through, everybody needs to come up in prayer and I’m sure they have but I just can’t imagine being him and what he’s been through apparently God knows what he’s doing he always does, and we the people love him absolutely but if we don’t get this right this time about the hammer and scorecards, that I saw a video but they said that that hammer scorecard was sent to Fort Washington Maryland and that’s the machine that came out of this gentleman said that Donald Trump needs to go there and investigate I’m really bad on names but what I’m saying is the truth I don’t know if he was part of CIA for the military I wish I could remember his name but if he hasn’t heard of that yet he needs to investigate and it was sent there by the Obama administration, to go in hiding if you will oh, because they need to find it and destroy it and plus it’s evidence and then back track every movement of that scorecard and I believe it’ll go back to 2016 election and further one I’m not sure the date that he recited that it was made but it’s really very severe thing that we need, I just pray for a great president all the torture , lies, scandals defamation of character fabricated truths about him, cutting editing his videos displaying them on the news platforms did they run to turn the American people against him thank God that YouTube didn’t stop the True News platforms because we don’t be screwed right now, I pray for the American people from all the lies corruption and crime that they had to go through especially for the innocent people that they burned up their businesses and homes, if it doesn’t get straightened out now America’s lost to the communist nation in New World Order, understand that America the last standing nation that they must take down for this new world order to go into play that’s why they fought so hard to get Donald Trump out of office but God is in control and I believe without a shadow of a doubt that he will get re-elected and to serve Justice for anyone that’s in conspiracy against him for treason and I hope the rumors about the watermarks QFS tracking device is true and they recovered all of them Ballots, I need to get rid of those governors State officials that had their hands in the cookie jar and use them example of what will happen if it ever happens again in the history of America, we can’t let them take us down this is Satan the battle between God and Satan and we can’t let Satan win oh, God bless the democracy of the United States of America are great great President Donald John Trump and may God be with him through this whole battle for victory for the American people. Amen

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