Ken Starr: PA Mail-in Ballot Extension a ‘Constitutional Travesty’

A transcript is as follows: 

MARK LEVIN: The state’s legislature determine how to select their elections. Is that what the [Constitution section] means?

KEN STARR: That’s exactly what it means. It got lost in the Pennsylvania shuffle. The founding generation sitting in Philadelphia undoubtedly thought, “Well, should we have the state Supreme Court make the determination?” No, we want … a very democratic with a small “d” approach. We want the legislatures, those closest to the people, the state legislatures, they’re the bosses, not the governor. And what happened in Pennsylvania over these recent weeks is a constitutional travesty. Governor Wolf tries to get his reforms, his vision, as he was entitled to do, through the legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He failed. He then goes to the state Supreme Court, which by a divided vote, accepted the substance of what Governor Wolf was doing, and then added thereon nooks and crannies as well.

One thought on “Ken Starr: PA Mail-in Ballot Extension a ‘Constitutional Travesty’”

  1. And Russell Strasser, USPS Office of IG, small fry, stands up! God chooses the weak and small to make large statements, and being bold in the face of adversity. Today, we need to help in our own way, God has chosen us to be here at this time and place for a reason. We need to help Him and him.

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