Lib crying over ACB gets so extreme that Jake Tapper starts calling them out

Best minute of your day right here. Click the twitter logo if the video won’t play for you.

4 thoughts on “Lib crying over ACB gets so extreme that Jake Tapper starts calling them out”

  1. Over / under until he apologizes? And by apologize, I mean publicly abase himself before the Outrage Mob.

    After all, he has committed the cardinal sin of liberals – he has noticed, even supported, Reality. He has enforced the tyrrany of the Real, the Beautiful, the True, and the Good against the Paradise of leftist solipsism. How dare he recognize the Real when reality can be anything I want it to be!!1!

  2. Who was the other person? I mean, besides some political hack, what were her qualifications to comment on whether something is, or is not, Constitutional? Has she even read the Constitution?

    Yes, the people had their say in this nomination through the elections of 2016 (which the Dems keep trying to undo – how’s THAT for unconstitutional) and 2018.

      1. But Mark, think about her FEELINGS. Clearly ANYONE who claims the Constitution is something REAL – that ANYTHING is real enough that it can’t be changed by throwing a temper-tantrum – I mean, a mostly peaceful protest – that’s racist. And degrading. And white supremacy. Don’t you know that logic is white supremacy?

        Clearly, she hasn’t closed her eyes, held her breath, and pretended long enough! She’s going to blackmail Reality until it changes. Um, wait, Reality is Evil and Tyranical and Oppression… Obviously I meant she is going to use the absolute power of her sovereign will to change her individual truth that is just as valid as anyone else’s truth except it’s obviously better than anyone else’s because she’s SPECIAL.

        Get with the program, why don’t you?

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