3 thoughts on “A prince, an Antipope, and Hanoi Jane walk into a bar…”

  1. A guy walks into a bar, sits down and orders a beer.

    The bartender leaves the bar and the patron drinking the beer hears, “Nice tie.”

    Looking around the patron is perplexed because he’s the only person at the bar.

    A minute passes and the patron hears, ” Nice haircut.”

    Patron is even more perplexed since he’s still the only one at the bar and can’t figure out where this voice is coming from.

    Patron chugs his remaining beer and after the last gulp hears, ” Nice watch.”

    More than a little unnerved the patron swivels around and while sliding off the bar stool the bartender returns….the patron says to the bartender, “Hey man, I’ve been sitting here alone and I before I even started drinking I began hearing this voice telling me I had a nice tie, haircut and shoes. What’s going on?”

    The bartender said, “Oh, it must be the peanuts…they’re complimentary.”

    So, the purpose of relating this peanut story? Nuts to Bergoglio and his fossil fuel imbroglio.

  2. Who’s Prince William? Is that the bald guy from England?

    Anyway, if the woke are going to be unloading energy stock, might be able to pick up some bargains?

  3. All of this, the pachamama coins, the covid-fiasco etc. are all part and parcel of the same conspiracy – to save mama earth from all that dreadful Co2. It’s the climate-scam continued.

    This video pretty much sums up the entire thing. Take the time to watch it and share it, and you’ll now know what’s really behind all the insanity. All of this is just one big test.

    I am now calling it COVID-CHANGE.


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