What if Gates of Hell stood to make billions off a mandatory vax…

The real answer to the question posed in the below headline from CSNBC is answered in second part of this post.

Why so many people are hopeful about an mRNA coronavirus vaccine

PUBLISHED FRI, SEP 25 20208:01 AM EDT UPDATED FRI, SEP 25 20208:34 AM EDT Charlotte Morabito@MORABITOCM

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The whole world is watching — including investors and public health specialists — as more than 30 biotech and pharmaceutical companies race to develop a safe Covid-19 vaccine. But there’s a big question lingering over the process: How do we balance safety with speed?

The process is moving quickly with several vaccine candidates entering late stage trials in a matter of months. Pfizer and biotech Moderna are two of the companies the White House has chosen to fast track through the FDA’s regulatory process. Both companies are attempting to use messenger RNA, or mRNA, to produce their vaccines, a technology that has never before received regulatory approval.

Enter, Gates of Hell, back in March 2016: http://www.ddn-news.com/index.php?newsarticle=10450

Gates Foundation bets big on Moderna’s mRNA technology

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—A year after it attracted the largest private financing round ever for a biotechnology company, Moderna Therapuetics is receiving another major show of support for its messenger RNA (mRNA) technology. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced a $20-million grant to Moderna to advance the development of an affordable mRNA-based cocktail of antibody therapeutics… Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, tells DDNews that the Gates Foundation grant will provide support for GLP toxicology studies, preparations for clinical trials and a Phase 1 study. “We are honored that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has selected Moderna as a partner, recognizing the tremendous potential of our mRNA drug platform to address some of the world’s most widespread and urgent health concerns,” he says. The initial $20 million provided by the Gates Foundation grant could be just a fraction of a longer-term contribution. The Gates Foundation and Moderna have reached an agreement that could eventually lead to another $80 million in grants from the foundation…

3 thoughts on “What if Gates of Hell stood to make billions off a mandatory vax…”

  1. Mark, because I am a generous soul, I will not push to the front of the line to be the first to receive the vaccination. I will watch happily as the world’s other 7.8 billion people stand in front of me. And I insist that you get in front of me, too. No false humility now. I’ll take that last spot. And if the doctor runs out of the vaccine, oh well, too bad for me. (But if they hold me down and give me the shot, I’ll come up swinging.)

  2. According to Gates and other ‘earth is god’ folks the solution to all our problems is mass population reduction. A vaccine could be a good choice. But like everything else these Progressives cook up it will fail. What I do expect is civil and international war which perhaps is another option for Progressives.

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