CDC exposes their own criminality, posts corona mortality rates by age group: Mirror this before they take it down

The CDC conducted some actual science around corona transmissibility and mortality. They have long been on record as saying the actual spread is at least 10x the reported number of “cases,” or positive tests. Which means the mortality rate, just simple math, would be 10x lower than currently reported. Which we know is still wildly inflated by counting all deaths “with” corona as deaths “from” corona. Only 6000 people have died from corona alone. Death by motorcycle but with corona goes into the corona pile. The real number of people who died from contracting corona, who would not have otherwise died from something else these past six months, is a figure much, much lower than the 200K “official” deaths… I am a non-medical non-paid reality spokesperson.

Well, now they have published the “most likely” scenario of how dangerous the corona is, by age group. If you click on the link, the first several pages of verbiage explain the methodology and many different inputs. You should read it all. Eventually if you scroll down far enough, you will see the smoking gun.

I want you to focus on the far right column of this chart, “Current Best Estimate,” and look at the second row of data, “Infection Fatality Rate” (mortality rates among people who contract the corona, by age group).

Do you see what I see? Again, this includes all the Stage 4 cancers, strokes, kidney failures and accident victims who were suspected of corona. Now allow me to convert those “official” mortality rates into survival rates, to make it easier to understand and share, and judge for yourself if everything, especially everything related to young people, should continue to be cancelled, or, NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN CANCELLED.

  1. 0-19 years old: 99.997% survival
  2. 20-49 years old: 99.98% survival
  3. 50-69 years old: 99.5% survival
  4. 70+ years old: 94.6% survival

And again, the real numbers are even 4x-5x better than these. Never mind that half the people over 70 who died were probably murdered in nursing homes.

Get the word out, folks. Time to end this.

8 thoughts on “CDC exposes their own criminality, posts corona mortality rates by age group: Mirror this before they take it down”

  1. I’ve been trying to share this out there but all I get is rejection and downvotes.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. What do you do when REALITY ITSELF cannot correct people?

    Pray. Without God, they are completely lost.

      1. I sent is to my bishop and pastor. I think they see my name and just click the delete button. Our pastor had given us permission to exile our mask-less selves to the periphery in the marginalized side-chapel, but I was informed today that with more people coming back to Mass we will be expected to wear masks.

        I have prepared this statement for him:
        Dear Father,
        Per the Fifth Commandment whereby I am responsible before God to be a good steward of the temple that He gave me; and whereas the Eighth Commandment tells me not to bear false witness against my neighbor: and whereas #1782 of the CCC says that I needs must follow my conscience; I will not be wearing a mask while marginalized to the periphery in the side chapel.

        Please notice, Father, that I have not once mentioned God-given and Constitutionally protected rights Unlike your apparent assumptions regarding my objections and subsequent actions they have always been based upon being Jesus’ friend–“Whoever keeps My commands, etc…”

        Perhaps the USCCB is just waiting for more Federal handouts as hypothized here:

  2. CDC most likely not as centralised, functional and homogenised as the article implies.

    Thank God for the good, honest people there who still collect, process and publish these data.

    And pray for God’s protection of the good, honest people there, that they will “put on the armour of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and, having done everything, to hold your ground” Ephesians 6:13-.

  3. I would take another careful look at this page because this early morning October 31st the web page did disappear for a short time then reappeared with some format and graphic changes………

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