“Every city, every town…” and they mean it.

First, get yourself spiritually prepared.

Next, get yourself materially prepared.

“Every city, every town, burn the precincts to the ground.”

Their flag says, “Death to America.” This is not a drill.

7 thoughts on ““Every city, every town…” and they mean it.”

  1. And to think our county judge and police were marching with them a few months ago…in a march from a local church to the police station.

    What tools.

  2. Would someone tell me where are all those alphabet security agencies are, terrorist fighting machines, policing agencies and on and on. And yet we see no one being charged that are the leading cabal in this sedition being played out! Just some smucks hired on to terrorize the population are arrested and then promptly released on bail. This is terrorism and well you know we have been fighting that since 911 have we not? This is terrorism period upon the law abiding civilians.

    Yes grandma and I are ready.

    1. Policing falls to municipalities and the states. Federal LEOs cannot be deployed domestically without the invitation of local authorities, unless the Insurrection Act is invoked. We shall see.

      1. I gather then Mark, the Republic is long lost and the will to rectify is also gone with it. We shall pray for conversion of minds and souls. Thank you.

  3. If I may– another possibility is of course that those alphabet agencies, or some significant sub-section thereof, agree with the peaceful protesters/are alligned with them/direct them/created them from the beginning.

    1. We need to differentiate between motives. It is highly probable that Antifa and BLM are, indeed, products of CIA subterfuge. After all, we learned (thanks to FOIA and declassified documents) that the CIA identified the best way to remove the Assad regime was through a well-funded, radical Sunni terror group…and low and behold, ISIS is born. Thus, it is likely that the CIA created Antifa or BLM (as a means to illustrate the need for greater federal presence in every-day life.

      That does NOT mean that the CIA agrees with them. It means the CIA see them as a means to an end (in a typical Progressive mentality). When the end is achieved, Antifa will be crushed. Think “Night of the Long Knives”…

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