Hindsight through a Marxist rainbow lens

Because when Marxist LGBTXYZ rioters smash your store to bits, it’s always best to show your support, especially with the raised rainbow fists. Let me know how that works out.

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  1. See relevant artcle by Victor Davis Hanson.

    The Thin Veneer Of American Civilization… Has Been Blown Away

    by Tyler Durden

    Mon, 08/24/2020 – 00:00

    Authored by Victor Davis Hanson via NationalReview.com,

    In a flash, it’s been blown away, revealing the barbarism beneath. The seeds of destruction were planted long ago…


    1. Too many people who hate America and will cry like babies when it’s gone. The jackals in the streets, today or yesterday cheering when a police officer was hit by a flying brick, what kind of fresh hell is this! Where did all these American monsters come from? Where were they hiding before all this? We never saw them, before Covid and George Floyd, America pretty much ran like a clock. We had law and order. We got along with people of colors not our own. We didn’t feel afraid the country was going to blow up at any minute or that we or our loved ones might not be safe just walking down the street. The worst part of it has been to see Democrats enable this violence to take over. Before that, it was unthinkable, that anything like what we have seen would happen. It would have been crushed, as it should be, but Democrat mayors and governors have allowed it and it grows worse by the day, because the criminals get bolder by the day. They are bringing another Civil War, surely, but not about slavery OR state’s rights. Lincoln was intent on holding the nation together, he did not want secession, for America to become two countries. It was not about centralized government or anything selfish, he did not want America to split apart. He was right for a long time, but as it turns out, we may end up splitting anyway, because the two half’s of America do not seem reconcilable, and too many are invested in splitting us up.

    2. Thanks for linking that, Michael. Here’s the last paragraph:

      “The Sixties generation is going out as it came in: gross, loud, and cowardly, destroying the very institutions for others that it so selfishly consumed for its own benefit. If we wish to know why America’s veneer of civilization was so thin, and this year so easily scraped away, revealing barbarism beneath, look to a generation’s architects in the university, the media, sports, corporations, and politics who long ago seeded their cultural IEDs and are now giddy they are at last going off, though terrified that the ensuing blasts are reverberating ever closer to home.”

      No country is perfect and no country will ever be, despite the delusions of the utopians. But compare the country the boomers inherited with the country they leave behind. Age of Aquarius indeed. Not even sure what “Aquarius” is supposed to be and don’t care. But judging by the “fruits,” it’s apparently the age of Godlessness, perversion, deviancy of all stripes, child sacrifice, destruction, and tyranny. I’ve often said the day they plant the last boomer in the ground should be declared a national holiday, if there’s any nation left.

      1. Thanks JT–
        The downfall of the USA should not have surprised us given what Our Lady of Fatima said would happen if her direction was not followed, i.e, a great catastrophe would befall the world. As we know her direction was not only not followed, it was rejected and contradicted by the Church at Vatican II. The beginning of the great catastrophe was the coming of age of 1960’s generation of self adulation and a mindlessness and disrespect towards the past. This was precisely the program of Vatican: the elevation of Man and the diminishment of God. The devilish fruit of Vatican II surrounds in the form of the ‘baby boom’ generation. I can attest to that with several of my own children. Things will only get worse until we and the Catholic Church becomes obedient to God.

  2. And yes, we have too many freaking cultural cowards, who believe that kissing BLM’s shoe or people of color’s shoe is going to get them eaten last. They are complete fools. America doesn’t produce courageous men of integrity as often as we used to, you get the men you deserve. What else can come out of our anti-american and anti-God universities but horrible, destructive Marxists. We let this thing go on and now it’s turn around and bit us good.

    1. “America doesn’t produce courageous men of integrity as often as we used to, you get the men you deserve.”

      I wonder why we don’t produce as many, Kate? Where are good men formed? Plenty places, all of which have a common thread: being around other men.

      It starts with fathers, of course, and brothers if you’re blessed enough to have them. Of course feminism has been mocking fatherhood for decades now and turning single mothers into living heroines. And more than just fatherhood, manhood in general: “toxic masculinity” and all the rest…

      Manly priests are important, too. They’ve been by and large long gone in the west for some time now. How’d that happen? Admitting sodomites to seminary in droves for one. No normal man or boy wants to be around a sodomite for even one instant. Feminized liturgy continues to do it’s damage. Women traipsing about the sanctuary, JPII’s altar girls… guys don’t want to be around that. And now the idiot Germans are yapping about their latest error: women priests. That’s a people who are really good at gadgets. They should stick to that.

      How about other places where men gather for brotherhood? Well the feminists destroyed all those, too. They were “sexist” after all. Anything that supports that blasted “patriarchy” must be destroyed. Best way to do that, tried and true, is to make them accept women and/or sodomites.

      And make no mistake, both of those strategies are part and parcel of the same error. This may be a tough pill to swallow for most women but there is a straight line directly from feminism to the lgtgabc normalizing of perversion. How? The diabolical inversion of the understanding of the purpose of the marital act, that’s how.

      A cornerstone of the feminist “women’s empowerment” lie is self-sterilization via contraception, and shortly thereafter the related “right” to slaughter any person inhabiting a woman’s womb. Procreation is the crown of the marital act and it’s primary purpose. Feminist contraception/abortion dethrones it and treats it as a tertiary, at best, unwanted consequence, so unwanted that it justifies murder of innocents.

      So what takes the place of procreation on the throne? Pleasure. That’s what sex is for. It’s first a foremost a vehicle of pleasure, and nothing can get in the way of that, not even an innocent life. That mindset is ingrained in the average westerner. From there, on what basis can you object to two “men” who wish to abuse one another via sodomy, in their own pursuit of the be all and end all: sexual pleasure? There is no basis because it is not substantially different from what men and women are doing, even the vast majority of married couples.

      Feminism has lied to women (like the devil did to Eve), and women have swallowed it all (Eve again), it has destroyed families, countless innocent babies, it has attacked males at every turn, shrieking at any attempt to properly form boys, and if that’s all not bad enough, we get to listen to women complaining (again) at the circumstances THEY produced, and lament the dearth of real men.

      You’re right about one thing, Kate, you do “get the men you deserve.” The average western male is a product of the culture that produced him; a culture grotesquely deformed by feminism.

      And as for us guys; we let it happen. Just like Adam did. We don’t get a pass. It’s past time we straighten it out. Headship is much more than simply a privilege. It is a duty for which we will be held to account. We don’t need to ask permission to manifest the “patriarchy.” Male headship, and therefore the “patriarchy” is ordained by God Almighty. And the enemy loves to subvert the ordinance of God, especially by inversion. And that beast is the ultimate author of it all.

      1. 100% agree! Well-written! Might I add the school systems, where absolutely everything is about the girls and young women. Grade school boys are falsely accused by female teachers and administrators of being ADD and kept pumped with Ritalin to suppress any hint of masculinity. In high school and most especially college young men are subjected to a constant barrage of self-guilt and subjection from radical feminists until finally emerging as soy boys in skinny jeans.

  3. The monsters in the streets, many of them white children of privilege, were born of the hags wearing the pussy hats.

  4. Please be sure to use the appropriate terminology- it’s LGBTQ+. (The ‘P’lus stands for ‘P’edophelia).

    It’s important to accurately represent people’s true values.

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