Biden as the light bearer… at least he’s too dumb to be the Antichrist

I can definitely see this being an oft repeated theme as we march toward November. In case you missed his acceptance speech, what there was of it, this was the central point.

And why shouldn’t it be totally Luciferian? Come on, man!

Louie Verrecchio wrote about it yesterday:

2 thoughts on “Biden as the light bearer… at least he’s too dumb to be the Antichrist”

  1. Biden’s messianic message will surely provide an excuse (as if they needed one) for a large number of Liberal “Catholics” to support him. And the seamless garment position of the USCCB and “Pope” Francis will further encourage them. For Liberal Catholics their real religion is Democrat politics.

  2. biden also said ”do not expect a miracle” to repair the many problems of america….. of course this means God will fail to repair the nation… but he went on to say many times over the HE along with the cooperation of americans all together working can and will repair the nation…. apparently a work that God has failed to do. So biden rises to the heights of God himself? seems so.

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