Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe stoking fear p*rn and running dhimmi TV ads

My jaw dropped when I saw this.

Trump should turn this into his own ad. Keep the video, change the audio.

Watch it again and overdub it in your mind. “In Joe Biden’s America, this is your new normal… forced testing, forced masking, forced unemployment, forced vaccinations.”

The trouble is, I’m not really sure where Trump stands on the vaxx question. He seems to be eager to deploy the military to administer it.

Here is what we can know with metaphysical certainty at this point: Election night, and the weeks following, are going to be utter chaos. We are not going to know the outcome on November 3rd, no matter how late you stay up. Whenever a winner is finally declared, the apparent losers are not going to accept the result. If you think 2020 has already been Hell on earth, November and December can’t wait to say, “Hold my beer.”

You have ten weeks to prepare for this.

8 thoughts on “Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe stoking fear p*rn and running dhimmi TV ads”

  1. A demented sex pervert up against a t.v. reality show host! Is this the best we can do for the nation people? Need to prepare, you betcha, the past five months were just a warm up. The worst is ahead, and just maybe apocaliptic in nature. Thinking of Pope LeoXIII vision. We can’t say the prayer to St. Michael enough each day.

    1. Had a whole bunch of water, oil, candles, incense and salt blessed today.

      Now for restocking all the other stuff. Needs to be done by September/October.

      We should know the drill by now.

  2. Asking for prayers from you all. Just hung up from my eldest son who lives 20 miles from me. Because I won’t wear a mask I’m no longer able to see my sweet granddaughter (2 yo). I said I would relent and wear mask at stores etc, but not Church. Not good enough. I also have a son, dil and grandbaby in LA….and of course they’re just as adamant. They’re ALL I have. I’m heart-broken.

    Non veni pacem

  3. Kono, stay the course. We are in the same predicament. Grandma and i have made that choice to not comply, children or not. Churches with masked children and grandchildren. We cannot bear it, there especially or anywhere else. We have our own lives to live and we must choose well, for our eternal welfare. Yes our relationships are strained now, but we were forced to make the choice. We observe Sunday Mass at our home, downloaded High and Low, kneelers, table with a cloth, two candles and Our Lord on a Cross. Not perfect but we are at peace. We live in the country and live the life dedicated to God, on our sanity island. I say the Novena to saint Joseph every day as part of my daily prayers. He was a tireless worker for Jesus, and we should emulate him. I will include your name for a week and pray that he can help you through this terrible time for you, and find the peace you deserve.

    Have a pleasant evening sir.

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