Philly’s solution to BLM criminals is to encourage lawful citizens to turn in their weapons

Police defunded. Looting is allowed. All non-felony arrests during the riots have been forgiven. Downtown businesses remain boarded up. Residents fleeing for their lives.

26 shootings this weekend, as I write this on Sunday afternoon. Multiple stabbings.

Now, maybe some of these guns that were turned in were… suspect. I get it. But you need to read the mentality on display here. A moment of beaming price for city council. Barf.

To combat the senseless gun violence Philadelphia Police, city council, and community groups organized a home gun check, urging residents to safely dispose firearms that they have in their homes, before they get into the wrong hands. HERE

“Enough is enough,” said Council member Kenyatta Johnson, who was at one of the locations today, in Point Breeze.

Andre Rivers had a couple of guns in his home he wasn’t using so he turned them in. He said there were no questions asked, and he said he was in and out of the building in less than a minute.

“I didn’t want them laying around the house,” said Rivers, adding “The process is fine, you just give it to them, the police thanked you, the staff here thanked you, and that was it.

Rivers returned the guns at the Germantown location. “I didn’t have to sign or do anything, I just had to turn them in, it don’t get no easier than that,” said Rivers.

Guns and ammunition could be turned in at two locations, at churches in Germantown and Point Breeze. Both are areas that have experienced recent gun violence.

“Every gun off the street is a gun that could potentially end up, and be involved in a shooting,” said Bilal Qayyum, president of Father’s Day rally committee, which helped organize the day’s firearm disposal.

In total 43 guns were turned in, which is a step in the right direction to help save lives, especially children’s, whose lives have been innocently caught in the crossfire of shootouts.

“Right now we’re facing an emergency here in the city of Philadelphia when it comes to gun violence, we’ve seen children being shot and murdered, we’ve seen pregnant women being shot and murdered,” said Johnson.

City council, along with the police department and community groups, plans to do at least two more of these gun give backs before the summer is over.

6 thoughts on “Philly’s solution to BLM criminals is to encourage lawful citizens to turn in their weapons”

  1. Golly, what a wonderful idea…
    Let’s disarm all of the law abiding people in the city and then only the criminals will be armed.
    Consequently, when the violent groups of arsonists, brutes, thugs and vandals come to visit our beloved city our law abiding people will find themselves defenseless, unable to resist and completely at their mercy.
    Gee that’s great !

    1. That’s the whole idea I’m afraid. When the antifa and blm terrorists started to riot and loot here in Philly, the cowardly and effeminate mayor, Jim Kenney, denounced the people who banded together to defend their neighborhoods and property. They were the “vigilantes” and the terrorists were the “peaceful protesters.”

      1. Kenney also said the ‘vigilantes”… “would not be tolerated.” Think about that. Think about what that means and who will be on which side when SHTF. I can’t imagine being a cop in any of these major cities right now. At the height of the Philly riots, I has friends pinned down in their houses for multiple nights, in neighborhoods across the city. Port Richmond, Fishtown, Spring Garden, Fairmount. The cops were ordered to stand down. It was pure terror.

  2. Textbook case of gaslighting.

    “We’re so sorry that people in your neighborhood are getting shot. You know this would never have happened if you didn’t keep guns so selfishly locked up inside your house,” said the Philly mayor and city council.

  3. Philly will end up like NYC: a ghost town. Whatever vibrant life that city had, will be destroyed. We can only hope the people who live there will see who is responsible and act accordingly…

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