The Vicar, a pope, and a bishop walk into a bar. The Vicar says,”I cannot be removed under any circumstances!”

Not hyperbole. Read the Mazza essay HERE. Listen to this podcast. It’s all out in the open.

Stone cold logic. Deductive reasoning on fleek. The importance of getting your base premise correct. Scenario One: Errors in word and deed reflect errors in the mind. SUBSTANTIAL errors.

Or else, Scenario Two: The Mirror of Fatima. No error, but a cleaving of the Vicarship/Primacy from the Episcopacy.

Take your pick.

Dr. Mazza explains it all!

Barnhardt Podcast #117: The Error or the Mirror?

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In this episode, Mark and Ann are again joined by Dr. Edmund Mazza, where they further explore the latest version of his thesis, that the words and actions of Pope Benedict indicate his belief in the irrevocability of the papacy: Indeed, despite his “resignation,” Benedict claims there remains within him a deep spiritual connection to the papacy, invisible, mystical, but in an ontological way — within his very being. This is something that, “cannot be removed under any circumstances.” Benedict’s actions in February 2013 indicate he intended to cleave the Vicarship/Primacy from the Episcopacy of Rome. Dr. Mazza further develops his reasoning in response to Roberto de Mattei’s article of 1 July 2020, culminating in two opposing scenarios: In the first, the base premise is that the Vicarship (Primacy) cannot be separated from the Episcopacy of Rome. In the second, the Vicarship can be separated from the See. The results will… astound you!

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Formula for Baptism:

Baptism by a layperson in time of emergency: Pronounce the following formula while AT THE SAME TIME pouring water that touches the head: “I Baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost (or ‘Spirit’).” Amen. The same person must both speak and pour the water AT THE SAME TIME.

QUAERITUR: What if the water doesn’t flow on the head?

I put this to the CDF and received a response that the baptism is not valid.  Other great writers have established that if the water does not flow on the head, the validity is doubtful and it should be repeated conditionally.   Say there is an emergency, an accident, and only a leg can be reached: after the rescue, the person should be baptized conditionally.  Bottom line: water must contact the head!

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One thought on “The Vicar, a pope, and a bishop walk into a bar. The Vicar says,”I cannot be removed under any circumstances!””

  1. Great podcast!!! Dr. Mazza’s stellar impersonation of Pope Benedict XVI and uber intelligent German theologians really cracked me up!!! Thank you and God bless you all!

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