17 July 1429: God is inscrutable in His ways

Remember that time an 18 year old girl marched an army into Reims, France, and took the city by the force of her own reputation? She had displayed such prowess in her military strategy and battlefield tactics, the city surrendered without a skirmish.

The next morning, 591 years ago today, she oversaw the Coronation of Charles VII, the former Dauphin, at the Reims Cathedral.

This is my birth saint (30 May), so I fully admit my bias. But come on. She brought two assault weapons to a coronation.

Screenshot 2020-07-12 at 08.36.26
Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII, by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1854


3 thoughts on “17 July 1429: God is inscrutable in His ways”

  1. Mark: “… she oversaw the Coronation of Charles VII, the former Dauphin, at the Reims Cathedral.”
    Charles VII ceased to be a dolphin and became king on the day of his father Charles VI’s death, i.e. October 21, 1422.
    The Holy Virgin herself sought Charles’s coronation through her chosen handmaiden Joan D’Arc.
    The coronation took place on July 17, 1429 and was a triumph not only for the Virgin of Orleans, but above all for the Queen of Heaven and Earth. The act of coronation of the eldest son of the Church, i.e. the King of France, has a prophetic dimension as it happened on Saint Alexius’ day, July 17. The name Alexis means’ Helper ‘or’ Defender ‘and refers to the great end-time monarch closely associated with the Most Holy Virgin, eldest daughter of the Church, ie France. King Charles VII married Mary of Anjou – the great end-time monarch is mystically married to the Most Holy Virgin Mary Herself. The kingdom of God on earth needs a king and a queen: this is the couple. The best is yet to come!

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