Diocese of Phoenix now sort of “requiring” masks at Mass unless nope

Hilariously, the Phoenix municipal mask order itself has a religious exemption.

Also, the Obligation is still dispensed, and let’s face it, that’s not going away any time soon. A bunch of folks are already getting very comfortable in bed or on the couch Sunday mornings. Many of them won’t be back, no matter what. The whole operation seems diabolical to me.

5 thoughts on “Diocese of Phoenix now sort of “requiring” masks at Mass unless nope”

  1. How does this read to you as an exemption for Catholics? “• for people whose religious beliefs prevent them from wearing a face covering; or/”

      1. Nobody is going to ask what your reasons are. Just refuse to comply.

        I saw three masks out of around 150 people yesterday (one day after the mandate went into effect). I love our parish.

  2. Just when your weather is getting up into the 100s, the experts want you to keep a little warmer by covering your faces. As Casey Stengel said about the 1961 Mets, “Can’t anyone here play this game?”

  3. The truly Catholic would never see the obligation as dispensed, even if the Pope himself dispensed of it. The truly Catholic Priests and their Bishops will find a way to make Mass available. The truly Catholic laity will find a way to attend.

    In my Diocese, they made Mass available but “social distancing” will not be available in the very, very large and beautiful Church. Oh, no. Social distancing in a room near the Church. Not IN the Church. All crammed into a small room … when they could be spread out in a Cathedral sized Church holding 200 pews.

    No. This is not about the virus. This is about demons attacking our Lord and our Lady. Plain and simple. The New “Mass” is not the answer to these attacks. It will die, deservedly, and no one will miss it.

    Tradition reigns, as always, and the Holy Mass of Ages endures all attacks. Praise be to God. And thank you to the Faithful who remain faithful to our Lord and Lady.

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