Nothing like some heavy spiritual warfare on Father’s Day afternoon

UPDATED (see below)

Remember that part about praying for your enemies?

These are lost souls. They need prayers, and they need spiritual warriors to oppose them, for their own good. I am going to go down there and help them. Remember, never engage the demons directly. A layman has no authority over demons; you will be laughed at, and worse. Go to God, His angels, and His saints. Act like a father by imploring the Father. The Blessed Mother and St. Michael are at the ready. If you can spare an Ave for me, I wouldn’t mind.

Who do I think I am, to take up this battle?

Who do I have to be?

UPDATED 21 June 2020 5:30pm MST: Tricked, trolled, I got rick-rolled. No Luciferian rally, not a satanist in sight, all clear. Guess what… I still win. All those prayers are either being redirected somewhere else, or deposited in the Treasury. Nothing goes to waste. Sursum corda!

10 thoughts on “Nothing like some heavy spiritual warfare on Father’s Day afternoon”

  1. Heard it on a recent podcast. You don’t have to be a fitting instrument….God will make you a fitting instrument. That’s who you are Mark!

    Ave’s sent. God bless and the Virgin protect you always!

  2. God bless you for doing more than most, Mark!! Happy Father’s Day!
    I just asked my almost 23 year old (“woke” the day he was born) son, what does “stay frosty” mean?
    He paused and answered, “uh, it’s probably something you would like to say”…
    still don’t know what the heck it means.

        1. It means maintaining a military bearing against corporeal and preternatural threats as you go through everyday life. Head on a swivel, knowing that snares are everywhere. It could be seen as a species of Meekness, from the Beatitudes, the proper meaning of which is “strength under control.”

  3. Anton LaVey… high priest of church of satan in LA for many decades… was on his death bed. There he realized his fate of eternal suffering…. with a horrid reaction that Satan duped him all the years. Then he called out to God and pleaded with God for his soul. Then he died. Who knows?

    1. is that for real?….interesting thought. Imagine how many lost souls, and how MUCH MAJOR blasphemy, sacrilege, murder, rape, child corruption, despair, and worse this guy was responsible for. God only knows, but it doesn’t look good for him. It reminds me of Faust descending into hell realizing the full scope of what he’s done, crying out for ‘mercy’…STILL descending into hell. Judas ‘repented’ of his sin, but Our Lord called him the son of perdition, and said it would be better if he had not been born.

      This sermon by a great Dr. of the Church always sends chills down my spine, and is a pretty sobering thing to keep in mind with every breath:

      Our Lord is not a vending machine, spitting out fake ‘mercy’ at our coin of panic’d demand. He is the Just Judge. Only He knows whence and to whom His mercy will be given. Best to live every moment with an eye to that last breath knowing we will be accountable for it ALL.

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