“I went to the hospital with breathlessness due to having a coronary, but the first thing I heard was “we have a Covid.”

From the combox on yesterday’s coronacold post. They will have no love for you if you cannot deliver the FedGov cash. Show me the money. Just a heart attack? Go wait in the corner.

 Mary D. says:

I’m in Phoenix, Arizona. Two weeks ago I went to the hospital very weak and with breathlessness. The first thing I heard was “we have a Covid case”. I told them no, they didn’t. I hadn’t gone anywhere except twice to church for confession and there were maybe four people in the whole church. It turned out that I was having a coronary, thus the breathlessness. I had to sit in the emergency room until they tested me for the Wuflu. Two hours later they came back and said I was negative, which I already knew. I sat there for 24 hours until they found me a room. Then they sent me home seven hours later. They tried to make me wear a mask which I refused because I could barely breathe without one let alone with one.

The worst part was that they wouldn’t allow my husband to stay with me. I had no advocate and they left me without food for 18 hours because they forgot about me. I wasn’t vocal enough evidently. I even unhooked myself from the heart monitors to go to the restroom since I couldn’t get anyone to answer my call. When finished, I hooked myself back up. I was totally alone and scared. Now I’m afraid to go back to the hospital if I have another episode.

I guess my point is that they instantly started yelling “COVID” before they even tested me. Someone told me later that it’s because they get more money for Covid cases. I believe it.

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  1. I believe this. My dad went to a local hospital with chest pains and they immediately tested him for Covid. If it wasn’t for my mom and siblings constantly calling to check up for him we wouldn’t have heard a word from the hospital. We badgered the doctors and nurses with phone calls. Even had a family friend who is head of the Child Cardiac Care Unit at another hospital do a phone conference with the on call MD. My dad said the nurses took good care of him…but I wonder if they did so b/c they knew we were on their tail? People who head to the hospital need very strong advocates….people who don’t care about anything other than protecting their loved ones. My dad is home and ok (Covid negative) but I don’t trust any hospital at this point. God bless~

  2. Similar story here, but with a twist.

    On March 12, ARSH 2020 I decided to quit taking my thyroid meds cold turkey after 30+ years. A month into it the side effects became horrific, most notably a shortness of breath. Being a pack a day smoker for 45 years, refusing to wear a mask and going into Detroit almost daily (to my ICKSP parish) I was certain I’d gotten the virus. So off to the hospital I go….after first receiving Extreme Unction.

    I go into the make shift covid tent and there are four nurses with nothing to do, looking at their phones. They take my vitals and everything is perfect. BP, oxygen level, temp, heart rate…perfect. The nurse even says she can’t believe I’m a smoker. I ask if they’re going to test me for the virus and she said no, we’re not testing at this time, but that I’d be listed as a covid. They give me a script for an inhaler and tell me to come back if I get worse. I’m relieved I’m not being admitted and ask if any of them are Catholic, the main nurse working with me says yes. I give her a Miraculous Medal (the other 3 want one too…praise God). I thank them and leave feeling relieved.

    Why wasn’t I admitted? I’m pretty certain it’s because I don’t have insurance and I make just a wee bit too much money to qualify for Medicaid! Thank you Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph!

    Later I’ll come back and tell you what happened when I visited my doctor for follow up…if interested.

  3. My primary doc will tell the same story. Yep. And if you die of a coronary you get listed as Covid. Signed sealed delivered and buried

  4. Kono, I also take thyroid meds. Mine were way too high which was contributing to my heart issue. My hands were shaking and my heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. I had told my primary care doctor about this for about a year but he kept telling me it was anxiety. I think it also contributed to the high blood pressure which stressed my heart. I’m now on a lower dose and feel much better. He retired right before this episode happened. I’m so glad he did. I now have a new doctor.

    1. Thanks for the info Mary. I’ll keep it in mind. The two main reasons I wanted to quit taking them were; they’re hormones and when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism I had no symptoms. I wasn’t the least bit over weight or tired. I believe putting people on thyroid meds was a fad of sorts in the 80’s….but now that I’ve been on them so long my thyroid is probably unable to function properly without them. Should have went for a second opinion, but I was in my 20’s and trusted my doc.

  5. My follow up visit to my doctor.

    My visit to the covid tent was on April 14 and my follow up to my doctor was May 28. By then I am really, really sick. I’m extremely weak, no appetite, digestive system is out of whack. It takes everything in me to get to Mass or Adoration every day. (Our wonderful canons had private Mass and 12 hours Adoration every day during the insipid lock downs).

    I get to my doctor’s appointment (he just moved to a new location that week) and walk up to the receptionist and right there at the window is a beautiful statue of Our Lady in a glass case. Immediately I’m at peace. I know he’s going to tell me I have to get back on my thyroid meds and of course he does.

    This doctor who I’ve been going to for over 30 years is a Muslim. I ask him about the statue and if he’s a Catholic now. He smiled and chuckled a bit and says no, but he’s had that statue since he started his practice. I said, good, She’ll protect you.

    Bottom line for me, after seeing the statue and him telling me he’s had it since starting his practice, I could trust his advice. I’ve been back on the thyroid meds for 19 days now and am slowly getting better.

    Pray for Dr. I, pray for his conversion.

  6. That 39K for the COVID won’t even cover the cost of one deposition in the ensuing medical malpractice case.

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