I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Arizonans are not dying in droves

Riots are over, virus is baaaack.

Except, it’s not. And this time, even people in the “harder hit” regions aren’t buying it.

Allow me to address the misinformation about Arizona that is being spread by certain pundits?

Background: Arizona has been fully open for one month. Fully open. In reality, the only businesses closed here back in March were restaurants’ indoor dining rooms, salons, and gyms. No one stopped going out, ever. Surface streets have been bustling the entire time, except for a very short lull in that third or fourth week of March. Packed supermarkets, home improvement stores, and drive thru windows throughout.

My first post-corona dining experience was on May 18, indoors. Employees wearing masks. Since then, some establishments are actively promoting that their employees are NOT wearing masks, and if you’re uncomfortable with that, please don’t come. Citizens are taking philosophical decisions and FLOCKING to these places. I was at one such last Friday, that was absolutely packed at 4:30pm. It is located next to a hospital, you see, and shift change is at 4pm. So all the doctors and nurses come to this place, still in their scrubs. Instead of social distancing, they sit at the bar. A few of them were shooting pool. They know.

Are you starting to see the picture? With a two week incubation period, shouldn’t we all be dead by now? The corona has had a full month to do its dirty deadly job, and everyone here knows it has really had three months or more, because no one was locked down or shamed into staying home, ever. If anything, people went out MORE, because gyms were closed. They had to alter the parking regulations at the mountain parks, because they were overflowing. I can’t stress this enough. There was an intentional non-enforcement of the “stay at home” order.

We do have more reported cases now, which tends to happen when you do a testing blitz with tens of thousands of tests, you’re going to get a few positives. AZDHS.GOV is reporting 36K total “cases related to” corona as of this morning, in a state with 8,000,000 people.  If you click the website and look at hospital capacity, keep in mind that the +50% surge capacity is in addition to what you see in the charts.

Of 6600 total occupied hospital beds, 1450 are “covid related.”

Of 1300 total occupied ICU beds, 452 are “covid related.”

We have tons of extra capacity, and hospitals have not even had to implement surge procedures. Yes, our number of confirmed cases continues to rise. Why? Because we are averaging over 10K tests PER DAY over the last month. The testing blitz coincides with the date everything opened back up. But I repeat myself.

We now have 470K completed tests, 36K confirmed cases, and 1186 deaths.

Who died?

Screenshot 2020-06-14 at 16.31.37

So is it safe to assume the 21-54 year old demographic can go out to eat?

Folks, look for Arizona to come under ever more scrutiny. There will be massive pressure, nationally,  for Governor Ducey to reinstate lockdown, force public chin diapers, close businesses, etc. You know the preternatural is involved here. Pray for Ducey and for AZ director of public health, Cara Christ.


6 thoughts on “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Arizonans are not dying in droves”

  1. Amen, brother. I’ve been saying for weeks that testing will reveal cases that are already there, even as deaths drop. They have to do something to keep the fear and panic going.

    Look to the CDC and not media sources for counts, too. CDC has 858 total AZ deaths, whereas Google lists 1,144. And most are in Maricopa county, obviously. The media uses worst-case-scenario figures to juice the event to make it look worse.

    1. AZ has also now switched to the CDC method on deaths: “Suspected” covid or even dying while having covid are included, even if multiple underlying factors.

  2. Meanwhile, next door in Texas the restaurants are open, but few customers are eating in. We had Panara Bread to ourselves this afternoon.

    Pre-COVID it would’ve been packed on a Sunday afternoon.

    I would say about 35-40% of people have face burkas on. Most of them have fashionable ones with colorful patterns, etc. The employees are wearing either medical or paint ones (i was at Lowes and Home Depot).

    I surmise the ones who insist on wearing the masks are probably liberals who have bought into the hoax and are enjoying the feelz of the whole episode.

    People who don’t wear masks act normally and don’t social distance. Our state did not enforce the stay at home orders, either.

    I figure most people will be mask free in a week or so. Then the pressure will be on the retailers to let their employees breathe free.

  3. I’m in Phoenix, Arizona. Two weeks ago I went to the hospital very weak and with breathlessness. The first thing I heard was “we have a Covid case”. I told them no, they didn’t. I hadn’t gone anywhere except twice to church for confession and there were maybe four people in the whole church. It turned out that I was having a coronary, thus the breathlessness. I had to sit in the emergency room until they tested me for the Wuflu. Two hours later they came back and said I was negative, which I already knew. I sat there for 24 hours until they found me a room. Then they sent me home seven hours later. They tried to make me wear a mask which I refused because I could barely breathe without one let alone with one.

    The worst part was that they wouldn’t allow my husband to stay with me. I had no advocate and they left me without food for 18 hours because they forgot about me. I wasn’t vocal enough evidently. I even unhooked myself from the heart monitors to go to the restroom since I couldn’t get anyone to answer my call. When finished, I hooked myself back up. I was totally alone and scared. Now I’m afraid to go back to the hospital if I have another episode.

    I guess my point is that they instantly started yelling “COVID” before they even tested me. Someone told me later that it’s because they get more money for Covid cases. I believe it.

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