4 thoughts on “Pelosi rips up SOTU on national TV”

  1. I kinda thought she was doing her taxes back there. Trump should year up the Articles of impeachment today….but he won’t. He will auction them off for charity I bet.

  2. She should be censured for that, as Newt Gingrich said. It was an appalling theatrical stunt, designed to give her another “clap back” moment as she had last year, that gained traction and is now a cultural “thing”. She wanted another one, some attention for the Democrats. She got it. She got what they wanted. That was planned all along. If you watch her during the speech, she often looked at someone with an expression that seemed to indicate something was coming. She delivered. That must have been thrilling to the Communists watching her from that pickle-puss gallery of Democrats. They are all an embarrassment and should all be thrown out as traitors to our nation and uncivilized people.
    Worst of all, she disrespected the nation, the office of the president, and most definitely every one of the honored guests of the president! She thought nothing of those people, the ones who were highlighted during his speech. She tore them up, they don’t exist to the Democrat mind, their suffering and experiences, not lasting in their memory for ten minutes, she tore them up and stole the moment for herself and her partisan, treasonous pals. It was a disgusting spectacle, that only the Democrats would pull.

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