Iowa shenanigans beginagains

What could possibly go wrong? HERE

Shadow, a tech firm that describes itself as a group that creates “a permanent advantage for progressive campaigns and causes through technology,” is the company that created the Iowa Democratic Party’s app, according to The New York Times. At least the COOCEOCTO and a senior product manager at Shadow all worked for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, according to LinkedIn profiles.

Shadow is associated with ACRONYM, a nonprofit dedicated to “advancing progressive causes through innovative communications, advertising and organizing programs.” Early last year, ACRONYM announced that it was acquiring an SMS tool called Groundbase and, out of Groundbase, “launching Shadow, a company focused on building the technology infrastructure needed to enable Democrats to run better, more efficient campaigns.”

Groundbase co-founders Krista Davis, who is the current Shadow CTO, and Gerard Niemira, who is the current Shadow CEO, both held senior positions with the Clinton campaign.

Did you really think they were going to let Bernie win? You remember they openly stole it from him in 2016, right? First they stole Iowa (by 0.40% of the “vote’) and then the nomination. Openly.

This is all going to get very interesting. I am dreading the malfeasance which awaits us in the general.

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  1. Yes, “the malfeasance which awaits us in the general” and it’s all TRUMP’s fault. That’s what we’ll hear at least. Sheesh.

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