USCCB going full frontal freemasonry?

Notice anything strange in that graphic?


Anything at all?

UPDATE: Across the transom…

WISDOM, strength, beauty

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    1. Alpha and Omega are the title of Christ. Moon and Sun are Freemason symbols. There is no Alpha and Omega here, typically attached to the Tau Rho – Cross of Christ or Chi Rho.

      The all seeing eye of wisdom and knowledge in the triangle is a Freemason symbol, permeates everything they do, and in this case it is above the Tau Rho, the Cross of Christ (bottom), wisdom flowing out from the Divine “Other” over creation (sun and moon) and the Cross.

      And I duly note the Cross is at the bottom, receiver of Divine knowledge, and remembering Jorgé Bergoglio’s belief that Jesus Christ *became* God *after* he died, not before.

      What is Freemasonry? “Freemasonry is a science, a philosophy, an art and a universal knowledge that provides an understanding of how the individual fits into the universe and how the universe fits into him.”

      What is Catholicism? The Nicene Credo. God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit; the Holy Catholic Church, His spotless Bride; eternal union with God through the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross, now risen and reigning and the Grace of God that passes all understanding.

      This thing is clearly an ode to freemasonic wisdom and knowledge the USCCB Bishops. No mention of Christ and the Cross.

      They do not get the benefit of doubt any more.

  1. The evil is being fully revealed. What follows will almost certainly be its downfall, I think.

    “Didn’t I tell you,” answered Mr. Beaver, “that she’d made it always winter and never Christmas? Didn’t I tell you? Well, just come and see!” (C.S. Lewis)

    Christmas is coming!

  2. They have put out strange and bizarre graphics for World Youthdays Synods etc. at the Vatican, and they have derided all who called them bizarre, but the Pacamama worship proved us Catholics right from day one for criticizing the occult epiphanies of the Bergoglian regime.

  3. Masonic symbols Should be no surprise. Freemasonry infiltrated the Church years ago. Pope John XXIII was a Freemason we are told. Nothing coming from the Church surprises anymore; it is almost exclusively bad. Now, if something holy and good were to emerge that would be notable.

  4. The all-seeing eye was ripped off the Church by the Masons. There are many old churches that have this image and it is by no means Masonic. I have seen many in Poland. My Parish Church bought an old high altar from a closed Church and this image is on it. When several parishioners inquired, our Pastor explained the symbol is originally Catholic.

    1. My local parish has the all seeing eye in a stained glass window above the altar. I researched it and yes it was originally associated with Catholicism. The Freemasons, whose goal is to take down the catholic faith, took this symbol and perverted it so that now, whenever it is displayed, ones mind automatically goes to freemasonry.

      1. The question is not whether the symbol was ever associated with Christianity, (it was) but what was the *intent* of *these* Bishops?

        Looking at the symbols used with the eye and the tweet that goes with them in regards the freemasonic focus on wisdom and knowledge *rather than* grace, redemption and the salvivic power of the Cross (never ever is this the focus); and given the current tragic arc of the Catholic Faith – the Baal worshiping Indifferentist focus of Bergoglio and the Bishops with him – it is clearly Freemason. Everyone knows this.

        I am more than just a little tired of the cute games they play to make it seem Catholic when it is always, somehow always, going the other way. And that is how Freemasons evangelize their anti-Catholic heresy. Pope St. Pius X warned us of the what and the how. He saw it coming. No excuses.

    2. @ Wanda Tansey: the eye in the triangle might have been “co-opted”, divinized, like so many things have been, by ancient Christians, but it pre-dates ancient Christians by a long shot. Neither is it essential to the Christian Faith. Christian iconography might include it, but it is far down the list of appropriate, useful icon images, paintings, portrayals of our Catholic Faith; all of which are much better than this vaguely disquieting image of he all seeing eye at accurately presenting our Faith to humanity.

      In the *current* context of this anti Papacy and the Bishops in union with it who promote indifferentism and freemasonry generally devoid of our Trinitarian God and the Blessed Cross and our Blessed Queen leading us to her Son … the eye of Horus, representing Osiris, ancient Egyptian “god” of the underworld and the modern freemasonic manifestation of this ancient gnostic heresy is the most likely meaning of the USCCB message to the Faithful.

  5. Here’s a definition from Wikipedia regarding the “Catholic” all seeing eye:

    The Eye of Providence (or the *all-seeing eye* of God) is a symbol, having its origin in *Christian* iconography, showing an eye often surrounded by rays of light or a glory and usually enclosed by a triangle. It represents the eye of God watching over humanity (the concept of divine providence). Eye of Providence – Wikipedia › wiki › Eye_of_Providence

  6. To reply to Jmarrenjr,

    While it is true that the all seeying Eye was a symbol in Christian art quite common in the 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries, its use has faded entirely out of fashion because of its adoption by the Masonic Sect. To reintroduce it now would be like to reintroduce the usage of the 5 pointed star which the Knights Templars used to decorate their Churches, as a symbol of Christian cavalry. But now that the 5 pointed start has been long used to symbolize the Satantic cult, it has faded entire from Christian use.

    This is a classic example of how Freemasons signal to one another. And your citation of historical truth for a past age, as if applicable today, is a standard narrative control or gaslighting technique that they use or at least want promoted to hide their signalling to one another. (I in now way imply you are a Freemason).

  7. C’mon people, wake up. Yes, it is common knowledge that the eye within a triangle was originally a symbol of the Eye of God and that symbol was stolen by the satanic freemasons like the swastika was stolen from the Indians by the nazis. But… the eye/triangle COMBINED with the moon and the sun in a compass-like design was never a Catholic/Christian icon. It was and still is freemasonic in its design and thus, its intentions. Freemasonry exists for one reason and that is to destroy Holy Mother Church. What’s happening now? Holy Mother Church is being destroyed internally by tactics from the freemasonic playbook, led by that POS antipope we have occupying the Chair of St. Peter. Pray daily for the DEATH OF FREEMASONRY and for our holy father, Pope Benedict XVI. Oh and yes, it’s totally time to consider moving on from your Diocesan parish to a SSPX, FSSP, ICK or other TLM or Eastern Catholic parish where your donations won’t be siphoned off to fund the USCCB’s now public, freemasonic intentions to destroy The Church from within.

    1. I have heard, even there we must be careful. I hate to say this, but we may actually have no place to go where that would not happen. God help us, that may be the days we are in.

  8. They’ve been bold for a few years now, hiding very little. Once they realized he could do what he wanted and there was none to stop him, it all accelerated. They see the tiger (us) has no teeth, so they have nothing to fear. Of course they need to fear God, but they do not believe in God, so therefore they can be bold in their words and actions. It is a free for all now, the Church as a huge hammer to finally bludgeon God and the faithful. And what are you going to do about it, in their minds. They prove themselves to be sadists, certainly Bergolio is, he issues his slaps on the face now almost daily, and revels in it. He may answer, he may not, he will put himself at the center of attention, then pull the rug out at the last minute. He’s a thoughtful sadist, he really ponders what would hurt the most then goes after it. Nothing Catholic will be untouched. He wants to make sure he punishes all, and with their blessing, those liars and effeminates in red, and those Communist bishops. We thought they were weak, they were not weak, they were complicit, they agree with him.
    There is only one thing we have they want, and which keeps them minutely mindful, MONEY. They want it, heck, they need it! Granted, the government gives them plenty to bring Muslims and other replacements in, but still, to live lavish lifestyles and pay for cabana boys takes bread, and you must supply it by putting your cash or check in the wee basket they put under your stupid nose. Do it! Put your money in there so they can be comfortable as they fly off to some foreign nation where the people are poor and willing to sell their boys for a few nights.
    May God deliver us from these men and soon, may it be in our lifetime. Please Lord, protect boys and young men from these demonic corrupters!

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