Welcome to active participation, Phase II

Remember all those times we warned that the LGBTQXYZ “movement” was never about tolerance. Nor even acceptance, nor even equality “love is love”… that the sodomites would never settle for that? And who can blame them for pushing the envelope, when no one is pushing back?
No, the objective from the beginning has been celebration, followed quickly by active participation (celebration already being a species of participation).
And so it came to pass that the world found out that €1MM was taken from Peter’s Pence to fund the Elton John movie, which glorifies, celebrates, and actively depicts sodomy.
Congrats! You just made a p*rno.
So if you contributed to Peter’s Pence, come on down to the combox and tell us how “active participation” feels.

26 thoughts on “Welcome to active participation, Phase II”

  1. Several thing bother me about today’s leaders. They do not LEAD! I want my contributions to the Church returned to me! I want my tax money returned to me because the House of Representatives have not done their jobs! The Pope and the Congress behave like brats! When will these people be punished or sanctioned? It is time to revolt against all the illegal actions of both the Pope and the House of Representatives!

  2. This is par for the course. I was filled with horror when I read that Bishop Schneider wrote that a pope is still a pope even if he is a child molester. Right then I knew that there is so much more to the Bergoglians than the bishops and clergy are letting on. THEY KNOW STUFF.
    My question now is, when the horrific truth comes out about what has been going on in the Vatican for decades, when it permeates the general consciousness, how should we think about the bishops and priests who KNEW STUFF and did nothing?
    This seems to me a pressing problem. Bergoglio’s time is limited. But the SYSTEM IN PLACE will go on unless and until men rise up and overturn that system, or Christ returns. Peter’s Pence will spend money in ways that will cause dread in our souls. Seminaries will go on perverting young men and teaching them theological drivel. Children will continue to be molested, and it will continue to be covered up.
    There can be no doubt that Archbishop Vigano knows well that the SYSTEM would’ve destroyed him. But he had to speak out. Tomorrow is a day of fasting and penance, as called for by exorcists. I will be praying that those who should speak out, do so, even if it means they must live in hiding for a time or God forbid, are killed for speaking the TRUTH.

  3. We should not be surprised. Ignorance and Indifference are the words that characterize most Catholics attitude to clerical homosexuality. After all the laity have been inured to sexual deviancy in general by 50 years of Vatican II silence on the subject in the face of society’s nearly full acceptance.

  4. I can tell you from my daily trips to the Vatican. When Bergoglio IS IN town, the Piazza of St Peter’s is full of gay couples, most of them look like prostitutes. Connect the dots.

  5. The theory that Benedict is still the Pope due to an invalid resignation fails the Ockham’s razor test. To hold it, one must disregard Benedict’s own words post-resignation and assume the presence of a hidden web of pressure and deception.
    Benedict announced his resignation in “Non solum propter” on Feburary 10, 2013. One may dispute the validity of this statement by critiquing its apparent interchange of the terms ministerium (ministry) and munus (office).
    A much simpler explantaion is possible, however, but the conclusion to which it leads is much more disturbing.
    In short, Benedict resigns the “ministry of Bishop of Rome” because that is the only position that he actually holds. He does not hold the “office” — in fact, as far as he knows, no one does.
    Benedict is the first Pope to have been consecrated a bishop using the new 1968 rite. Many suspect that this new rite is merely a blessing and does not confer any episcopal power on the recipient.
    So, an alternate theory is that Benedict know quite well that this is true and has thus freely expanded this “petrine ministry” as a step towards his stated goal of ecumenical progress.

    1. “Hidden” web.
      I laugh in your face. One of the few good things about this modern age is that, when the malefactors believe they will get away with everything, they revel in broadcasting their evil and their sin to earth and heaven.
      So much the better. It shines forth the light of Truth and gives us a target.
      Also you don’t need a conspiracy at all. Disregarding the situation in the Magisterium, the plain words of the Pope make the argument for us.
      “The always is also a forever – I remain in the enclosure of St. Peter.”

      1. Benedict also says “The ‘The Pope is one, it is Francis“.
        My point is simply that another theory also explains the known facts and thus also merits consideration.

      2. Are you really unable to tell the difference between the BenedictBot’s and the Holy Father’s speech, tone, grammar, sentence construction, and theology?
        Stop being taken in by what the BenedictBot is reported to have said – by Francisflunkies, never in person – and listen to and read His Holiness’s actual speech and his writings. Such as the speech he made at his last papal audience.

      3. Another hint: Benedict XVI is a trained theologian, and corresponding loquacious and nuanced. His Holiness does not speak in soundbites.
        “The Petrine ministry…while preserving its substance as a divine institution, can find expressions in various ways according to the different circumstances of time and place.” -Cardinal Ratzinger (as Prefect of the CDF), Communionis Notio, 28 May 1992, P.18
        “The Pope is one, it is Francis.” – BenedictBot, 2019
        But according to you these were OBVIOUSLY written by the same man. Uh-huh. And I have a bridge to sell you, dirt cheap!
        PS: the only soundbite I can ever recall Benedict giving the media was when some reporter asked him, after his “abdication”, why he was still wearing the Papal white. “Oh, they couldn’t find a cassock for me!”
        Right. And by your lights, OBVIOUSLY he was being totally serious. Rome was experiencing a sudden shortage of black cassocks. They all burnt up in a recent dumpster fire. He couldn’t POSSIBLY have been dissembling or signaling anything…

      4. Also, I apologize if I have come across a bit too strong, I know that my reply was not sufficiently charitable. I frequently need to be reminded that what is obvious to one is not necessarily obvious to all, and that not all ignorance is willful.

      5. Replying to peromnia: the claim that Benedict said “The Pope is one, it is Francis“ is a lie that was spread throughout Catholic media but the truth is he never said them. LifeSiteNews published a retraction of their earlier report and Church Militant published an article by Antonio Socci in which he exposed the deceit.

      6. Your tone does not trouble me. Anyone willing to pursue this kind of stuff is going to be a little fierce!
        My theory does not require a BenedictBot. No statement attributed to Benedict/Ratzinger needs to be explained away. What’s more, with my theory, there’s nothing even wrong with what he did in splitting a merely human “petrine” ministry in two.

      7. “‘The Pope is one, it is Francis” B16, as Cardinal Ratzinger, also wrote approvingly of the ‘theory” that the Petrine Ministry could be divided and perhaps a Triumvirate (like in ancient Rome) of three people would be best as it would be similar to the Trinity. The Pope is One like the Trinity is One.

    2. @ peromnia:
      “Fails Ockham’s Razor test”? And what is this “Ockham Razor test”?
      Isaac Newton stated the rule: “We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true and sufficient to explain their appearances.”
      The most useful statement of the principle for scientists is “when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.”
      (Ref U Cal Riverside Math department)
      One Pope at a time. If a Pope either dies or departs (abdicates) then a new Conclave may be called. If a Pope still lives or fails to depart (abdicate) then a Conclave may not be called.
      Pope Benedict XVI still lives.
      Pope Benedict XVI did not depart (abdicate).
      The Seat may not be occupied by two. Just one.
      Ockham’s Razor very much supports an invalid resignation. I don’t know how you or anyone can explain away the clear living evidence of a Pope who didn’t die, abdicate, leave, much less claim Brother Ockham is on your side. Brother Ockham is not on your side.

  6. The Church has been lost in the desert of secularism clearly since Vatican II, over 50 years. It is high time for God to enter the picture and place the Church back on the road to orthodoxy and the pursuit of holiness.

    1. @Mr. Dowd: From your computer to God’s ears, “It’s high time for God to enter the picture and place the Church back on the road to orthodoxy and the pursuit of holiness.” One soul at a time until whatever He is waiting for happens. Doesn’t look to be anytime soon especially with the likes of Mr. Christopher Ferrara and Dr. Taylor Marshall informing the laity: Recognize and RESIST this Modernist Francis who’s just like all the Modernist Popes before him. EXCEPT that he’s not nor ever has he been pope.
      It seems that their justifications are similar to what some BiP-pers say about the splitting of the ministry from the office–which can’t be done. “We’ll decide what is legitimate and what is not. When Bergoglio says Magisterium, he doesn’t mean Magisterium because WE say what is and isn’t Magisterium–it has to be in union with what the Church teaches since he is the pope, after all. If he says or does something ‘ministerial’ that is heretical, we’ll just separate that goofiness from his office. FiP! Definitely, FiP!”

      1. Islam_Is Islam says: December 7, 2019 at 12:09 pm
        What difference does it make whether we have a Pope or not. Since Vatican II all the Popes have been deficient in managing the Vatican and proclaiming orthodox Catholicism to some extent. Francis just happens to be the worst of the lot. For practical purposes we haven’t had a Pope who did his job since Pius XII. And for most Catholics whoever is Pope is not relevant. The only thing most people care about is his politics. Frankly, I’m getting tired of listening to arguments about who is Pope. My attitude is who cares who’s Pope. Clearly Catholicism of our present day does not speak well for them and their management of the Catholic Church, especially the Vatican, which has been a catastrophe. And to make matters even worse the entire Church is overrun with perverts—Bishops especially.

        1. @Mr. Dowd: Very well, sir. I do not want to be deceived or to deceive. May we hold fast to Truth because we hold fast to His Mother and to His Bride as best we are able.

          1. Islam_Is Islam says:
            December 8, 2019 at 9:03 am
            @Mr. Dowd: Very well, sir. I do not want to be deceived or to deceive. May we hold fast to Truth because we hold fast to His Mother and to His Bride as best we are able.”
            By all means. Not only are we holding fast, we are holding up. Lord have mercy.

  7. aaaand now, this…..
    If this isn’t clear, manifest, “authoritative” teaching of heresy then NOTHING is. Against ALL magisterial teaching of the past 2,000 yrs; against Christ’s own teaching and the Church’s continual, unchanging exegesis on it.
    Peter canNOT do do what this snake, this viper, this boil on the butt of Peter’s seat is doing. No more gray area left; no plausable deniability can be claimed; no invincible ignorance exists any longer. He is not the pope, and his own words will convict those who still proclaim that he is.

    1. @susan: And this:https://catholicmonitor.blogspot.com/2019/12/why-is-lifesitenews-afraid-to.html
      Controlled opposition must be overcome. I have been banned from LifeSiteNews perhaps for commenting too often on one post OR because I asked other commenters, “Why? Why are these truly Catholic blogsite/news agencies NOT reporting the facts of the matter when it comes to the words of the declaration of renunciation and Canon Law? WHY are they not investigating and reporting THOROUGHLY?!”

  8. @susan: And yet Mr. Ferrara and Dr. Taylor Marshall just very clearly distinguished between “authentic magisterium” and “ordinary magisterium” and the “AAS not being authoritative in the matter of communion for those in ‘irregular’ unions” but rather merely a “ruinous disciplinary measure” that can just be ignored since it wasn’t proclaimed ex cathedra, or something like that. Nothing for us to do but Recognize and RESIST until some future pope or council decides about that CONCLAVE. The whole non-abdication thingy is just a conspiracy theory.
    Mr. Ferrara rightly (I think) praises Fr. Nicholas Gruner (RIP) while at the same time he neglects to mention the observations that his mentor made publicly and were part of a longer video: https://vimeo.com/228833627
    Another indicator of controlled opposition, perhaps: “Yes, my mentor mentioned the possibility of BiP in 2014 and apparently even asked Fr. Paul Kramer to investigate it thoroughly, BUT we will just need to wait for some future pope or council to rule on this matter. No need to request an examination of it right now.” Really?

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