Confirmed from a second source: “Benedict is Pope” is now the consensus in Rome

As Voris first reported last week, Taylor Marshall now confirms. Both of them were on the ground in Rome last week for the Roundtable. Both have now reported that this is the talk of the town.
Truth is not determined by popular vote. Truth is determined by evidence and facts. From the sounds of it, the majority have arrived at their opinion out of disbelief that Bergoglio can be pope, inasmuch as he demonstrates daily to be lacking the promised Petrine protections. Let’s hope everyone soon examines the mountain of evidence as to why this is so, due to the invalid resignation of still Pope Benedict.
Fast and pray! Things are happening, big time.
Below is Ann’s reportage on this. If the video does not play here, click over to her site.
Taylor Marshall Confirms Voris: “Everybody’s Going ‘Beneplenist’, They Think Benedict is Still Pope”

The truth isn’t a democracy, but Marshall, just back from Rome, confirms Voris.

Pray the Matthew 17:20 initiative with me. Patience. Persistence. Faith. CHARITY.

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