5 thoughts on “I’m not sure if this is real, but I’m posting it anyway, in the spirit of anti-reality”

  1. Ya it’s just like the B in LGBTQ standing for Bi as in 2 genders. I keep expecting them to drop the B and insert something else

    1. Teresa, maybe it will be changed to ‘M’ for Multi or the trend toward writing LGBTQ+ might have ‘anything goes’ covered by the ‘+’. It is all insane.

  2. Oh that’s fantastic, pretty sharp someone who picked it up.
    The hypocrisy and the poor reasoning is right there if you only look. Like all of the global elites using private jets recently to fly off to Italy for a powwow on man-made climate change. I bet it never occurred to them how absurd they are. Or just when Old Blighty could use lots and lots of babies to replace the indigenous who are dying out in light of the muslim numbers, there’s Prince Cuckold telling Brit’s to only have two children and no more. Demographics are destiny.

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