Panic mode: CINO bloggers are getting nervous… turn up the heat!

Mike Lewis, who I don’t see much because he blocked me, is trying to bring his A-game. It boggles the mind that these lib ‘c’atholics see no irony in calling for iron fist loyalty to a heretic antipope, after they spent decades lauding the ethics and efficacy of full frontal DISSENT. Yeah. Go ahead and click over to and sample the dreck from he and others over there. This is a good example of why it’s good to get out of your bubble and see how the other half thinks… or doesn’t think.

Well, as Ann stated so adroitly on a recent podcast, to which I wholeheartedly agreed, “BRING IT ON.” Go ahead and listen to the simple four minute instruction from 22:00 to 26:00:

Are these people incapable of following a simple rational argument? Should BiP folks be concerned about excommunication from an antipope or the antichurch? Should it be worrisome to reject a “pope” who spews heresy on a daily basis and preaches that all religions are willed by God, this “god of surprises?” I mean, maybe someone needs to be forced to write Hebrews 13:8 on a blackboard 10,000 times.
Do these people seriously think that the threat of canonical penalties is going to cause some sort of moral crisis in someone who adheres whole and entire to the Catholic faith as handed down for 2000 years, and who also happen to believe that Pope Benedict is the only true living pope, and has been since April 2005? Don’t they understand that a fake pope has ZERO jurisdiction and ZERO legitimate authority?
I thought these CINOs held Primacy of Conscience as the core dogma of the Church…. Silly me.

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  1. Mark, I agree one hundred percent with Ann’s take on excommunication by Bergoglio. We will see ow which prelates put christ first.

  2. Veri Catholici got Edward Pentin’s attention this morning.
    Remember last November, when Edward Pentin had to sneak this report using his personal blog instead of writing it for the National Catholic Register?
    “More useful” than a fraternal correction, he said, would be to examine the “juridical validity” of Pope Benedict’s XVI’s resignation and “whether it is full or partial.” Jesus, he said, did not give the keys of heaven to Peter and Andrew but “said it only to Peter.” Such an “in-depth study” of the resignation, he said, could help to “overcome problems that today seem insurmountable to us.”

    1. So Pentin thinks an opinion about the crisis today is valid only if it comes from “expert theologians concerned about the current crisis”? And what if these expert theologians are part of the crisis? Then what?
      And what does he mean that, “if the Church implodes [then] it’s primarily the responsibility of those in charge or have been in charge”? Primarily or secondarily, who cares? The point that VC is making is that reporters must speak out. Now how does that change one iota simply because, primarily, the responsibility of an impending implosion would lie with those in charge? It doesn’t change anything all. We all have to bear witness to the truth according to our state.

  3. I have been engaging with these people, ever since I linked in from Canon 212.
    In a nutshell you will find this: “The Pope is always right”. The Pope, by definition, can say and do anything he pleases because he is Divinely protected from error. If he binds sodomites (previously defined) into communion with Holy God on earth, he binds them into communion with Holy God in heaven.
    The Pope’s magisterium is required Dogmatic belief for the Faithful. “The Pope cannot be in schism with himself”. If he says it, it is Dogma. So, by definition, if you disagree with the Pope then you are in schism – ipso facto. If you attempt to correct the Pope in perceived error, you have committed a heretical act. And as I just learned, such a correction is *proof that you are a “wolf inspired by Satan to devour the innocent Faithful”.
    As I stated there on their latest – from base premises derive all subsequent conclusions.
    1: They submit to this “Pope” and everything he and his command. “God” is a tool to achieve the Pope’s programs.
    2: I submit first to Christ and also to His Bride and Her collected Sacred Tradition, including Scripture and defined Dogma. Any who fail to submit …. *the Pope first among us in submission* ….. are not really Catholic.
    Thanks again, Mark, for some clean air, here on this blog.

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