Some questions regarding the “alternate title” of English version of Socci book

UPDATE! 1 June 2016 8:16pm Arizona time: It has been confirmed that Antonio Socci himself was against the change in the book title, along with the translator. This answers questions one and two in the post that follows. Question three remains unanswered.
You can’t make this stuff up.
About an hour ago, I received my paperback copy of the English version of the Socci book, “The Secret of Benedict, Why He is Still Pope.” What I noticed right away, which had escaped my attention in the past few days of nonsense, was that they
The English version title reads, “The Secret of Benedict, Is He Still Pope?” Ann B. has since put up a post about it HERE, with pictures of both versions.
I mean, when you don’t like the evidence presented therein, I guess it’s totes legit to deliberately mistranslate a demonstrative statement into an open question in the title of the book. After all, words mean whatever we say they mean. You have no right to claim you know what those words meant. That’s not your realm. It was a question, see? Shut up.
I have some questions of my own:

  • Did Socci know about this? Did he approve it?
  • Was this change the work of “Giuseppe Pellegrino,” who translated the book, or did his bosses at Angelico Press do it without his knowledge?
  • Was anyone at Angelico Press influenced by Dr. de Mattei’s detailed “refutation” (sic) of Socci’s book back in January (for which, wait for it, “Giuseppe” himself was the English translator)? SEE HERE
  • Are there any other shenanigans in the other 170 pages, or is it just the front cover?
  • Did Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, who himself is employed as an editor by Angelico Press, exert any influence in this matter? SEE HERE
  • Did Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, who himself has had several books published by Angelico Press, have an obligation to disclose those entanglements when he left a Five Star review for Socci’s Giuseppe’s work on Amazon?

Before you come in the combox and start bashing me for instigating a Trad circular firing squad, ask yourself if these would be fair questions if it were Fr. James Martin on the hot seat.

16 thoughts on “Some questions regarding the “alternate title” of English version of Socci book”

  1. New subscriber here with an attaboy re. your line of questioning. Keep up the pressure! You did see Canon 212’s coverage of this issue, I presume.
    I regard PK quite highly, normally, as long as he stays away from party line monitors. They are sweating bullets right now.

    1. We both reply PK quite highly. I wouldn’t engage in this kind of personal admonishment (i.e. charity) unless the man was worthy and capable of accepting it in the spirit it’s being offered.

  2. Just got my copy today as well. I am going to invest some time in that one.
    Thanks for what you do here.

  3. Thanks Mark. I think I’ll wait a bit to buy the book….see if there are more changes than just the sub-title. Perhaps if Ann has her essays published, the same publisher could re-publish Socci’s correctly translated version,

  4. Political correctness in action. The publishers did not want to take that ‘leap’.
    Why do I imagine there are many who agree with Socci in private while lacking the fortitude to do so in public?
    Fear is a terrible driver.

    1. “Take up your cross daily and follow me”.
      “Who who would save his life will lose it; but he who loses his life *for my sake* will find it”.
      A life lived as Jesus commanded His disciples will drive out all fear at the moment of martyrdom (small or big m). Loss of job, prestige, friends, life are of no consequence to one who is living a life of ongoing martyrdom on the way to their own personal Calvary.

  5. I feel now that the good doctors signature on the Open Letter is now also meaningless. If I was one of the signatories, I would feel a betrayal is coming, a far greater calamity than the Bergolian ignore strategy employed by Bergoglio. Betrayal is very hard to take, even Our lord was not immune. What gets me, a doctor no less, gave his second opinion to the initiator, Socci, as one that was correct. The good doctor now betrays that man and himself with the one eighty. Would you trust your doctor after an episode as this? Better to find the cure yourself. And, we know who has that cure, He the One that has Ascended.
    Have a pleasant Sunday.

  6. Further proof that this entire “papacy” is ruled by a lawless antipope thug whose reign is only allowed through conspirators, sycophants, and coerced cowards. And that goes for his illicit election as well. All of which reveals the fallacy of his “universal acceptance” as a legitimate pontiff.

  7. Gee, I wonder if Socci’s publisher got a call from Steve Skojec (just like Dr Kwasniewskis did) warning them to get their minds right about Frankie’s “totally a real pope – or else!”

  8. It contnually amazes how with the advent of an obvious jerk and heretic so many have decided to jettison their reputations to prop him up. I mean at least with devotion to Jesus you get ignobled! Why do so many hate themselves so much?

  9. As a Catholic, I say Jorge Bergoglio is not pope.
    I think he was pope, but due to his multitudinous heresies, he has lost the office well before now.

  10. I had say before and I will say again: Skojec is PAID OPPOSITION (with Bp Athanasious)… whose job is to PREVENT that the Flock think for itself and got the consequences that derive from the facts (facts that speak for themselves)…
    Their job is to do DAMAGE CONTROL: to provide an “PLAUSIBLE DENIAL” escape hatch, so the flock does not HEAR the voice that THEY (the flock) recognises as coming from the REAL SHEPPARD

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