“Objectivity, as found through rational thought, is a Western and masculine concept that we will challenge throughout this text.”

Dr. Jordan Peterson consoles two professors who are waking up to the anti-reality dogma of the post-modernists. The redpilling is quite a sight. Video in a moment…

David Haskell: “I’m trying to get into the head space of some of my colleagues, so I got out a textbook called Race, Class, and Gender. It’s an anthology that’s used in Cultural Studies courses, Women’s Studies courses; it’s sort of the “go-to” text, so I’m told. I’m reading it, and I turn to page 14, and I can tell you it was page 14 because I was so astounded by what I found. It said: “Objectivity, as found through rational thought, is a Western and masculine concept that we will challenge throughout this text.””
Peterson: “Yeah. It’s too bad that you’re shocked by that.”
“I couldn’t believe it! So you want to go for irrational?!”
“The PC-types have been saying exactly that since the 1970s.  Make no mistake about this…this isn’t something they are “secreting” in. This is the dead statement. The whole notion of logic and coherence, and empirical data for that matter…”
“Objective evidence!”
“Let’s question the definition of evidence…”

As noted in the video comments, the very fact that these professors are just waking up to the extent of the problem really demonstrates the isolation of academia from the real world, and this is as scary as the subject matter itself.
This is a six minute clip (containing the quoted exchange) of a two hour discussion. You can find a link to the whole thing in the video description.

Compare and contrast with St. Thomas Aquinas via +Garrigou-Lagrange:

This introduction (to Aristotle’s Metaphysica) concludes with a defense, against the Sophists, of the objective validity of reason itself, and of reason’s first principle, the principle of contradiction. He who denies this principle affirms a self-destructive sentence. To deny this principle is to annihilate language, is to destroy all substance, all distinction between things, all truths, thoughts, and even opinions, all desires and acts. We could no longer distinguish even the degrees of error… A more profound defense of the objective validity of reason and reason’s first law has never been written…
In the intelligible reality thus known, our intellect seizes at once its opposition to non-being, an opposition expressed by the principle of contradiction: Being is not non-being. “By nature our intellect knows being and the immediate characteristics of being as being, out of which knowledge arises the understanding of first principles, of the principle, say, that affirmation and denial cannot coexist (opposition between being and non-being): and other similar principles.”
+Garrigou-Lagrange, Reality, 1.7, 4

Keep in mind, the anti-realists would say, “You just proved our point. You think arguing from Aquinas’ so-called objective reality means anything to us? Um, Western and Masculine much?”
By the very nature of their position, these people can’t be reasoned with.

5 thoughts on ““Objectivity, as found through rational thought, is a Western and masculine concept that we will challenge throughout this text.””

  1. And now let’s go back and spot how many times Francis and his FrancisChurch contradicted the Law of Contridiction over the past 5 years
    Starging point should be Spadaro’s post-Modernist claim that in theology 2+2 can equal 5.
    There is a term for this kind of thinking: Magic Thinking…
    Oh, one more thing. Post-Modernism is now making its move into the hard sciences. In other words, they want to build politically correct bridges and buildings…
    What could possibly go wrong?

    1. Thanks, Sam. I enjoy your work.
      Biology/organic chemistry is also a hard science, and the radical embrace of transgenderism is the ultimate example of 2+2=5 in that field.

  2. We can go back to Nostra Aetate for the ultimate contradiction: We (meaning Catholics, Mohammedans, Jews) all worship the same God.

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