“Belonging to a Church whose leaders don’t even believe in its teachings does seem kind of dumb.”

We certainly could go a lot of places with that headline, am I right?
The story at LifesiteNews is titled: “Chaste same-sex attracted Christians counter Pope Francis: ‘God did NOT make us gay’.” HERE
Indeed, the responses are harsh, and the universal theme is: Shut up, fake news, fake pope, fake religion. Either we believe what we believe or we don’t, and lying to people in order to make yourself popular, on a matter that concerns the salvation of souls, is a most detestable act.
No commentary is necessary: (my emphasis)

There is one thing…that every single one of these chaste same-sex attracted men and women made clear in their statements to LifeSiteNews: God most certainly did not make them gay.
Thomas Berryman wonders “just how seriously the Holy Father takes the Church’s teachings on this and other issues of sexual morality … It is deeply disturbing to believe that leaders of the Roman Catholic Church are more concerned about winning people’s affection and approval than the fate of their eternal souls.
This certainly makes it a lot harder for those of us who are same-sex attracted and trying to obey the Church’s timeless teachings to do so–or even feel like we are truly welcome in the new, paradigm-shifting Church,” said Berryman. “Belonging to a Church whose leaders don’t even believe in its teachings does seem kind of dumb.”
The Pope’s “remark disturbed me greatly because first of all, it’s a lie, and second of all, he is deceiving millions of people into hell,” said Anita Angelo, who did not mince words when speaking to LifeSiteNews. “He just told millions of homosexuals that it’s ok to stay gay and sold them on the devil’s lie. It’s not. Sure Jesus said to ‘come as you are’ but He will turn your life around if you let Him. God can and will deliver us from every yoke of bondage if we let Him.”
Angelo said that those who have “itching ears … longing for affirmation” need to know that the Pope’s alleged but uncorrected statement “logically speaking doesn’t even make sense.” She asked, “Why would a loving God create someone to be same-sex attracted and then at the same time condemn them to hell? He just wouldn’t.
“I am very grieved over his remark,” said Angelo. “It actually makes me sick to my stomach because people will stay trapped and not even know it.”
Before he started his outreach in San Francisco to the LGBT community, Catholic Joseph Sciambra assumed his struggle would be with the secular gay community. Yet he found, “Those who stand up for truth … have almost no support from the hierarchy.”
“Over the past ten years, because of this issue, I have teetered every day on the edge of leaving the Catholic Church. Beyond the physical and mental torments I have suffered due to a decade I spent as a gay man, the Church has been my greatest source of suffering,” said Sciambra in a published opinion.
“When I hear those in the Catholic Church say ‘you were born gay,’ I think: My God, they are killing us,” he concluded.

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One thought on ““Belonging to a Church whose leaders don’t even believe in its teachings does seem kind of dumb.””

  1. Ahh, that’s horrible to read. It is really anger provoking, to consider these lousy clerics making things more difficult for people, even sending them to Hell. What a huge moral responsibility they have. To see the church and the faith raked over the coals like this, it does test one’s faith, that’s for sure.

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