RIP Fr. Kenneth Walker three years later

It was three years ago yesterday this gentle soul went to his reward. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.
He wasn’t murdered for being a priest, but that time is coming soon.
Fr. Z today repeats words of advice he gave at the time HERE.

About three years ago, Fr. Kenneth Walker, FSSP, was murdered in Phoenix and another priest (Fr. Joseph Terra, the pastor) badly injured by assault. Pray for Fr. Walker. RIP. At that time I posted the following, which seems no less urgent today than it did then. Indeed, it could be more urgent still, given the trajectory of current events.
Reverend gentlemen, the murder of one priest and the assault on another in Phoenix compels me to remind you to…GO TO CONFESSION. Our schedules are busy. Sometimes we have to drive even farther than lay people. But go to confession. Take the time to do this for yourself. Much has been given to us. Our accounting before God will be more severe than that of lay people…Moreover, consider well your living conditions and security. If you haven’t done so yet, begin to develop a situational awareness. Seek advice from professionals. This is not just a matter of personal concern. It is also a concern for those who depend on you for the sacraments. A priest in the ground or in the hospital is one priest fewer to see to the spiritual needs of people in these darkening times. You, Fathers, are a precious resource, only slowly “renewable”. If you are not concerned for the sake of your own person, be concerned for the sake of those who need you…I might now add to seek, along with advice, perhaps also training.

Fathers, listen to Fr.Z.  Equipment, preparedness (spiritual and material), situational awareness, training. Remember the greatest tactical advantage of the Novus Ordo: You’ve got your six covered and the whole room in front of you!
The parish still seems to be thriving, but it has been a quirky past couple years, in my opinion.  I am not a parishioner, but I’m there quite a bit, mostly for Confession (almost exclusively) and weekday Mass. The present pastor, who took Father Terra’s place around two years ago, never seemed a good fit. I will leave it at that. The regulars might totally disagree, I have no idea.  He’s just been reassigned, and the young curate Father Michael Passo, who seems quite good, has been appointed pastor. Please maybe say a prayer for him, and for Father Walker.
From a sudden and unprovided death, spare us O Lord.

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