Dear LiarCardinal Cupich, please allow me to destroy your satanic argument

American Cardinal Blase Cupich has interpreted Pope Francis’ controversial Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia as a call for Catholics to graduate from “an adolescent spirituality into an adult spirituality” where they will be able to use their “freedom of conscience” to “discern truth” in their life.
“What it [Amoris Laetitia] does is it really asked people to have an adult spirituality,” Cupich, the Archbishop of Chicago, said in an interview with Salt and Light’s Fr. Thomas Rosica that was published June 4 via a YouTube video.
Cupich explained to Rosica that an adult spirituality means “being able to, in some way, realize that you have the grace by God to discern truth in your life in terms of where the Lord is calling you to the next step. It does put the responsibility on each individual, rather than an outside authority telling people what to do, as though they were children.”
“What the Holy Father is calling us to, what the Church is calling us to now, is to be able to take responsibility for our lives. And that means making sure that people understand the freedom of consciences but also the responsibility that goes with it. So, this really, I think, is a movement to moving out of an adolescent spirituality into an adult spirituality. That’s a big significance, and it’s been going on since the Second Vatican Council,” he added.  HERE

Yeah, it sure has been going on since the Second Vatican Council, which is why said council needs to be, and will eventually be, totally disavowed and officially declared a Failed Council by the the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.
Before we utterly destroy the argument put forth here, let us first note its trajectory, and recognize there is nothing new under the sun. It is nothing more than the common and most repeated tactic of the modernists: If you don’t agree with the new paradigm, you just haven’t “progressed” enough to understand it properly, poor dear.
My rage being barely restrained at this point, I’m not sure I could resist calling down holy lightning to shoot from my hands, Palpatine-like, if the man were standing in front of me.
God wills for every soul to be saved.  Not all souls are saved. But it is God’s will that each soul, having been personally created by Him literally for the very purpose of being with Him forever inside the Beatific Vision, to indeed be with Him forever inside the Beatific Vision. This being the case, and since every soul personally decides which of two places it wishes to spend eternity, guess what? Are you ready?
God had to make it simple enough so that the dumbest moron ever born could understand it, and choose wisely.
This is not me being mean.  This is 100% metaphysical reality. There obviously exists a range of human intelligence, right? First let’s talk about the high end. These people have been given much, and their reward will be terrible indeed if they choose the wrong path. So one huge marker of the One True Faith is that the farther you progress in the search for Truth, the deeper and more mystical and more TRUE it appears to these intelligent souls, like neon signs burning ever brighter pointing to Him. The deeper you dig, the richer it becomes. Compare this to say, islam, to which if you merely scratch the surface with a stick of talc is immediately exposed for the satanic fraud that it is.
Okay now the low end. It is not uncharitable to state that somewhere sometime there exists/existed the stupidest person on ever to walk the face of the earth. We are not talking about the so-called mentally challenged, who will never attain the age of reason. We are talking here about the person with the lowest-functioning yet fully developed and normal human brain of all time. This person is fully responsible for choosing the eternal fate of his soul, and he has the fewest resources to figure it out. So God, having made human beings with a range of intelligence, in his infinite mercy and infinite justice, had to make the basic truths about how He expects you to know, love and serve Him in this life in order to be with Him forever in the next…………..SIMPLE.
Now back to LiarCardinal. What he is proclaiming, straight from Hell, is this: as you progress in your spirituality, and grow to love and use your conscience to discern, that THE TRUTH CHANGES. Go read it again. People who respect and honor the teachings of Christ and His Church are CHILDISH. What a filthy destroyer of souls is this man and his boss. I mean his earthly boss, who wrote the wretched document in question, not his ultimate boss, the father of lies.
One last aspect to consider is how absolutely terrifying it would be if what he is saying were true. Think about it.  Do you really want the responsibility of figuring out for yourself in your own mind, with no “childish” guidance from that nasty Church, how exactly you save yourself? This is supposed to be comforting? No thanks.

4 thoughts on “Dear LiarCardinal Cupich, please allow me to destroy your satanic argument”

  1. ‘Cardinal’ Cupich is my Cardinal………umm……well, he heads up the Archdiocese of Chicago, but no he’s not MY Cardinal. I don’t follow him down his yellow brick road straight into hell. The poor faithful Catholics in Chicago are orphans in the storm I’m afraid, sadly. He was personally appointed by ‘Pope’ Francis whom I don’t follow either. Neither of these men are Catholic.
    Oh and NO philip, I wouldn’t wish these men on the Protestants either. They may do better in the Church of Satan. Oh wait! Silly me, the head of the Jesuit order just proclaimed there is no such ‘person’ as Satan. According to him, the Church just made him up in order to keep us in check. Maybe they should consider starting a church of the ‘One World Order’ or the church of ‘Humans’. Seeing as though the ‘Pope’ wants our feedback, maybe we should put that in the suggestion box!!


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