SSPX anonymously condemns anonymous bloggers who “seek to attain their goals through chaos”

From 16 Feb 2017

“…we cannot support this passive-aggressive and disrespectful method of “correcting” the Sovereign Pontiff. While privacy and confidentiality are not without their place, hiding behind a computer screen has, unfortunately, become an accepted method of public discource. Letters sent without signatures, anonymous emails, and posts on websites using pseudonyms are not done by men of fortitude and conviction in the truth. They are the acts of cowards, who like the mythological figure Eris, only seek to attain their goals – however noble they may be – through chaos.”

Several others have been all over this for the past few days, so I don’t have much more to say about it.  Some noted the timing as coinciding *nicely* with the recent rumors of the prelature. Mundy then refuted the anti-anonymity stance rather convincingly HERE.
Here is the one thing I’d like to add: Does anyone think we want this job? Do people think we enjoy having to do this? Do people think we are actually happy that the cardinals and bishops are so lame, that it’s left up to us to defend the faith? Up to us to defend Christ and His Church? Well guess what. I think it totally sucks. But since nobody else seems to care, it’s left to us.  You might even call it a state of necessity – something the SSPX claims to know a thing or two about.
Also, please note that ad hominem attacks are always acts of cowards. To claim that anonymous bloggers/posters/etc are the cowards, and the ones causing the chaos, is almost amusing.
On the bright side, my enemies will now most certainly move past accusing me of being more Catholic than the pope, whichever he is, to now being more Catholic than the SSPX.

6 thoughts on “SSPX anonymously condemns anonymous bloggers who “seek to attain their goals through chaos””

  1. Mundy’s defense of anonymity is pretty much irrefutable. As I recall, our Lord also instructed His apostles to keep things on the down low now and again, until the time is right. It is one thing to demand to know the identity of your accuser when the accusation is based on the credibility of the accuser himself. But when the accusation is based upon your own publicly documented acts/statements – it is your credibility, not the accuser’s, which is on the line.

  2. It WILL NOT be the effeminate, cowardly CLERGY that will help to keep the Church alive……it will be the laity who rise up to defend Christ in HIS CHURCH!!! And, it will be the laity that pays the price of which we seem to be more than willing to do. I am curious as to just how the SSPX and others think that we may go about defending the faith? We have patiently awaited an answer to the DUBIA, in taking proper channels to approach the ‘Holy Father’………..and how’s that working out for us? We have ourselves written and signed multiple ‘Dubias’ asking the ‘Holy Father’ charitably to clarify Church teaching within his encyclical (A.L.) And…….HOW’S THAT WORKING OUT FOR US??? At least the laity (and LAY BLOGGERS) are doing what we can to defend the true teaching of Christ. The majority of our Bishops, total COWARDS that they are, are in HIDING. Meanwhile the Church IS BURNING!! Bring on more POSTERS……..SEND MORE EMAILS!!
    I would LOVE to have a POSTER PARTY in the U.S. and PLASTER POSTERS FROM CALIFORNIA TO NEW YORK! Would organize and put that into play in a New York second!!!!!

  3. The SSPX schism refused to reconcile and establish Communion with a Pope Saint John Paul II but will reconcile with the Pope Fellay called a modernist.
    If he attempts the reconciliation, the SSPX will continue to schism as it already has previously
    SSPX -> SSPV -> SSP2.5

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