Stay frosty, my friends. Bout to get mo real.

So much to talk about Rome and the Francis. I’m glad everyone else is all over it, because I just haven’t had time.
The one thing being relatively under-reported, other than by Ace, is the attempted coup of the U.S. government currently being undertaken by Deep State. If you don’t live in the states, I’m not sure what visibility you have to this. It’s bad. Trump is unable to govern due to Obama operatives still in power on the inside. This is not hyperbole.
Not sure where it’s going. More sure about where Rome is going. None of it good.
Pray, and stay frosty.

3 thoughts on “Stay frosty, my friends. Bout to get mo real.”

  1. Unfortunately, the Deep State is beyond simply Obama operatives. Bush, Clinton, Obama mattered not to them (neither did McCain, Romney, Kerry or Gore) – all were basically different flavors of ice cream, and the deep state was the ice cream shop. Trump is a byod (bring your own desert). Can’t have that – you have to order from the menu or we will confiscate your desert. Other BYODs who did not get as far as Trump were Ron Paul and Alan Keyes, because they did not have Trump’s independent wealth and therefore relied on the GOP donor class.

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