Trump just made a huge misstep in firing the acting AG

Yes, she defiantly refused to enforce a clearly legal order. She deserved to be fired.
Yes, it’s incredibly ironic that this comes after two Obama AGs facing zero criticism for refusing to enforce established law on several topics.
But this was unbelievably shortsighted move by Trump. Does he have no recollection of Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre, and how that played out? Sessions already faced a tough confirmation as AG. Now the dems will be determined to destroy him.
For the love of all that is good, President Trump, calm the hell down and start playing the long game. Stop needing to prove, every second of your ten day old presidency, that you have the biggest dick in the room.
I have a long post to be published tomorrw defending your EO on immigration against the intellectually dishonest leftists who are protesting all over the country. Stop acting like a child, forcing people like me to try sticking the binky back into your cranky puss.

8 thoughts on “Trump just made a huge misstep in firing the acting AG”

  1. I have been told that politics is a non redemptive pursuit. I think it is clearly demonstrated by the hateful protests by the left who treat their progressive cause like a religion. I prefer to be patriotic and a Trump supporter but the sausage making that politics is, does not impinge on my faith not am I concerned about a bureaucrat being fired…It is non redemptive and not worth the time.

  2. Now the dems will be determined to destroy him.
    As if they weren’t already? It kind of reminds me of Muslim threats – do what we say or we’ll really get angry and really hate you this time. Geez, they would act the same no matter what you do.

    1. Of course it was well deserved. That’s not the point. The point here is the need to play the long game. Get Sessions confirmed and she is meaningless anyway.

      1. wrong! Do the right thing and do it immediately. Let them know you mean business and will play hard ball back at them. If G.W. had pressed charges on every stinkin’ one of the miscreants who destroyed public property by taking every ‘W’ key off of every computer in the White House, perhaps they would have realized he meant business. But he didn’t mean business. He knuckled and caved and played your idea of the long game, and look what that got him. If the first 3 looters are shot at a riot, guess what?….they’ll disperse; they’re cowards.
        Trump is taking on the slimy swamp and its fetid, oily, demonic inhabitants, and he’s doing it like a man. Sadly, most men today have forgotten what masculinity is all about. For God’s sake, NVP, get your head outta your arse on this one….your writing and analysis are usually spot-on, but on this one, BOY have you got it wrong. Playing the long game well is all about showing them you mean what you say, and that you’ll follow it up with decisive action….they hate and are gonna fight Sessions regardless of this babe getting a well-deserved kick in the rear. The muslims are gonna try to kill us whether or not there’s a travel ban on them (which there isn’t!)….you’re just acting as a useful idiot to the demon infested left with posts like this…..for God’s sake, knock it off!

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