The Vichy Order of Malta

Their website still uses “Sovereign”, but I’m sure the IT people are working on it.
The text of the letter confirming the acceptance of the forced resignation of Grand Master Festing is HERE. It is a total capitulation to Francis, not only on the resignation but also by agreeing to nullify all decrees since the suspension of Boeselager.

“Subsequently, the Sovereign Council presided over by the Lieutenant ad interim annulled the decrees establishing the disciplinary procedures against Albrecht Boeselager and the suspension of his membership in the Order. Albrecht Boeselager resumes his office as Grand Chancellor immediately.”

Not only is his suspension lifted, he’s back in the office of Grand Chancellor.
Then they (Francis ghostwriting) just had to end the letter with this:

“The Sovereign Order of Malta is most grateful to Pope Francis and the Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin for their interest in and care for the Order. The Order appreciates that the Holy Father’s decisions were all carefully taken with regard to and respect for the Order, with a determination to strengthen its sovereignty.”

Because Francis cannot resist claiming something to be true which is 100% the opposite of true.
I cannot imagine what transpired in the meeting earlier this week between Festing and Francis, which lasted less than 30 minutes.  The result of the meeting was Festing offering his resignation, Francis accepting, and Francis then forcing Festing to write it down, among other things.  Let’s say these things took twenty minutes. That means whatever Francis had on Festing must have been so devastating, it took less than ten minutes to lay it out in convincing fashion, such that Festing was left with his head spinning.  Have you ever been left your head spinning, either by physical harm or by receiving devastating news? Your cognitive ability goes to zero and you literally have no idea what just hit you.
However, the fact that Festing did not retract his resignation once he came to his senses, or anytime before today’s meeting, confirms that the blackmail must have been totally over the top. For Festing to think that what transpired to day is somehow “for the good of the Church”, well, the alternative must be truly horrifying.
All eyes are certainly now on Cardinal Burke. Pray that the formal correction to the non answered Dubia comes quickly, because a further demotion is surely on the way (the See of Juneau is currently vacant). The entirely swirling mess continues to accelerate. I feel like I’m in a room with one of those singularity spheres from The Arrival.

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  1. The Dead Knights Society
    “I have here a detailed description of what occurred at your meetings. It describes how your teacher, Cardinal Burke, encouraged you boys to organize this club and to use it as a source of inspiration for reckless and self-indulgent behavior. It describes how Cardinal Burke, both in and out of the classroom, encouraged the Knights to follow this obsession with condoms when he knew all along it was against the explicit order of Pope Francis. It was Cardinal Burke’s blatant abuse of his position as Patron of the Order of Malta that led directly to you, Grand Master Festing, being expelled from the order.”
    “Sign the paper, Matthew!” said Pope Francis.

  2. In a certain sense, good riddance to any Grand Master (or Pope) that is blackmailed to resign. Judgment begins in the household of God…but does not end there. Bergoglio and his slithering nest of snakes will have their day of reckoning…hopefully soon!!

  3. Brother of condom-implicated von Boeselager just appointed as head of Vatican Bank… 261331. Article can be read on

  4. Have you see Ann Barnhardt’s post on the information communicated to her of what the blackmail is? Apparently, it is Bergoglio’s threat to hold Vatican 3, in which he will make his new moral code official. And that would explain how the very best of the hierarchy could all be blackmailed. Not by scandal, but by love of the Church.
    That is, indeed, over the top blackmail.

    1. If they love Christ and His Church, they should abide Ann’s advice and get cracking. The only way out of this to bring the whole thing crashing down. I wish it weren’t this unpleasant, but here we are.

    2. Oh poo, that sounds okay on the front of it but really, is absurd when you think about it.
      He’s destroying the faith NOW, he doesn’t need a Council! A Council would be icing, but he’s laying waste to former Catholic dogma, teaching, thought, tradition, the Gospel, and Christ Himself.
      That is just an excuse, something someone came up with to perhaps cover for these sniveling, cowardly Cardinals/Bishops. They are AFRAID, afraid of losing their careers and their comforts, their travel and their benefits, nothing more! Clearly this man is the Destroyer, and he must be stopped. That will not solve the problem, that will just cut the head off the snake. The serpent must be killed.
      Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis!

  5. Now the SSPX comes out and says unity may happen at any time. Are they blind or are they subject to blackmail? Now is the worst time for union if you want to remain faithful to the sacred traditions that are being systematically destroyed.

  6. On second thought, one party does not acknowledge any post VII Popes, and the other party does not willingly acknowledge any pre VII Popes, so it might be a match made in heaven. I just do not get this whole enchilada…It is missing something…Maybe Truth?

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